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Customer Spotlight - Jo Paints

Customer Spotlight - Jo Paints - PackQueen
If you're a fan of vibrantly-coloured art pieces, birds and flowers, you'll love Jo Paints from Doreen, Victoria.

We asked Joanna Leyden, owner of Jo Paints to introduce us to the business. I am the artist behind Jo Paints, she begins, I mainly paint quirky birds and Australian native flora. I have been in operation for approximately 18 months. I started when I was on maternity leave with my second child - something about lack of sleep seemed to act as the perfect motivator!

I love creating paintings that are a little different, she continues. All the amazing people I've met, fellow artists, customers, it has been lovely to connect with so many people.

Joanna and Jo Paints uses a lot of PackQueen's A4 700gsm box boards. They are vital in allowing me to display my work while protecting it and posting artwork, she says in reply when asked why she chose PackQueen's products.
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