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Customer Spotlight - Hundred Cookie Project

Customer Spotlight - Hundred Cookie Project - PackQueen

There's an endearing cookie factory in Winston Hills, NSW that churns out enchanting custom-made cookies for every special occasion imaginable. We got in touch with Lindsay Camden to find out how the business came about and what role PackQueen has in their daily goings-on.

Hundred Cookie Project started as a blog back in January 2017, she began when we asked her how the business got its start. I wanted to teach myself how to make decorated sugar cookies so I committed to making 100 different cookie designs in one year. Turning my adventure in a blog meant I was publicly accountable to my goal, so I invited all of my family and friends to follow my journey. Within months, I started receiving messages about purchasing cookies and the rest (so they say) is history.

These days, Hundred Cookie Project is all about custom cookies for any occasion. I take great pride and pleasure in coming up with new designs to suit the customers' needs.

We asked Lindsay what she loves about the Hundred Cookie Project. Her answer was simple and heartwarming: Being able to schedule orders around my young family is amazing.

Lindsay uses some of PackQueen's 9 x 9 x 4 inches Cake Boxes in Kraft Brown Cardboard. Why does she choose to use PackQueen boxes?

PackQueen boxes are of such beautiful quality, they provide the perfect, luxe finish to custom cookie orders, came the answer.

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