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Customer Spotlight - Homelea Lass

Customer Spotlight - Homelea Lass - PackQueen
We're starting a new and exciting programme here at PackQueen and it's called Customer Spotlight wherein we swivel the spotlight over to shine on our customers - YOU!

Today's focus is on Homelea Lass. What is it about? Owner and founder Lynda Rennick describes it best. Homelea Lass is about encouraging, inspiring and helping people to create a happy life through chunky crochet.

I love designing chunky blankets and scarves, and Homelea Lass has a beautiful range of easy-to-follow crochet kits, made for you items, crochet patterns and chunky merino wool yarns. I hand make each kit and made for you product in my Melbourne studio.

Homelea Lass started as a blog when I was recovering from Chronic Fatigue. Over the last 4 years it's gradually evolved as my healing journey has progressed.

As for PackQueen's products, Lynda favours many of our plastic window box variations including the Rectangle 24 with Clear Lid - Craft Brown (Brown Inside), Rectangle 8 Gift Box with Clear Lid - Craft Brown (Brown Inside), Gourmet Display Large Base & Lid - Kraft Brown, Gourmet Display Small Base & Lid - Gloss White and the Large Shipper Box with Window - Kraft Brown.

What does she love most about Homelea Lass? I love teaching how to crochet and sharing the pleasure that comes from crocheting with soft merino wool.

This is a unique life skill where you get to make something while you relax, she states. PackQueen's functional boxes are woven into Homelea Lass' operations and we can't be happier.

How about your business? In what way does PackQueen help your company. Let us know through our Customer Spotlight today!



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