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Customer Spotlight - Homedrawn

Customer Spotlight - Homedrawn - PackQueen

Ever consider giving out custom-made pieces of artwork as gifts to friends and loved ones? Whether it's for gift giving or updating your home with one-of-a-kind works of art, take a look up Homedrawn Studios in Coledale, NSW.

Homedrawn Studio creates bespoke illustrations and designs for a range of multi-disciplinary experiences both online, retail and in the digital sector. A graduate of Design Centre Enmore with studies in Design & Visual Communications, Christina began her career as an intern at Real Living Magazine. Ever since 2015 she has continued to draw inspiration from Interiors, Fashion, Beauty and lifestyle driving brand awareness, engagement and direction through illustrations.

We reached out to its main designer Christina Banos to find out more about Homedrawn. We started out by asking her what she loves about the business. The ever-changing nature of art and trends, she replied. Constantly growing and learning from consumer needs and engagement.

They're cost-effective in comparison to other packaging companies, the customer service is great and easy to work with! She gushed when asked why she chose PackQueen products for help with the business.


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