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Customer Spotlight - Frida Las Vegas

Customer Spotlight - Frida Las Vegas - PackQueen

Tired of fast fashion and clothes that look just like everyone else's? Then, allow us to introduce you to Frida Las Vegas, a shop from Leichhardt in NSW that produces one-of-a-kind pieces of clothing and accessories that stand out.

We had a chat with artist and designer Stav Adameitis about the business and PackQueen's place in the mix of things:

PackQueen: Tell us about your business, Frida Las Vegas.

Stav Adameitis: I'm an artist and designer of clothing and accessories that are bright, bold and extremely ridiculous in the best kind of way. My work is super nostalgic and reflects my personal obsessions with icons of popular culture, architecture, fashion and memory - many of which are distinctly Australian and flavoured with the aesthetics of growing up in suburbia during the 1980s and 1990s. I started my business in 2014 with earrings and have grown to offer clothing, artworks and soon-to-be launched swimwear in summer 2019.

PQ: What do you love most about Frida Las Vegas?

SA: I love making people happy with the unity of Pop Art, fashion, glamour and humour. I believe everyone can access the power of colour and positivity. When customers share their stories of self-empowerment and confidence through colour, it's the best feeling in the world and makes all the long hours spent building the brand from scratch worth it!

PQ: How do PackQueen's boxes help you with your business?

SA: My customers LOVE receiving their packages in my baby pink 80s Pizza Hut-inspired box custom printed by the folks at PackQueen. The fact that people wait a month for their 'slow fashion' to arrive in a pizza box - denoting speed and fast food - is a scream! I get messages all the time from my customers saying how much they appreciate the packaging and keep their boxes on their dressing tables in pride of place. It's nice to surprise and delight customers with packaging when you run a predominantly online-based business where it's not physically possible to meet and interact with customers in person.


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