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Customer Spotlight - Doux Chocolates

Customer Spotlight - Doux Chocolates - PackQueen

Two years ago, we were just a couple of gals who wanted to share their love of chocolate with everyone and who doesn't love chocolate right? After a few months, our team grew into a few gals who not only wanted to share their love of chocolate, but also their love of baked goods! Along with handmade chocolates, we were able to offer macarons, cakes, cupcakes, donuts, cake pops, dessert cups, fudge, brownies and the list goes on. Our goal was to have your dessert table, gift ideas, bonbonniere and sugar cravings covered!

Thus, Doux Chocolates was born in the city of Clayton South in VIC according to Demitra Floros.

Besides the taste testing, we love seeing the happiness we bring to our customers with our creations, Demitra says in reply when asked what she loves most about Doux Chocolates. The opportunities that we are given to bring our creative ideas to fruition and constantly evolve in our skill set is truly uplifting and continuously motivating.

They favour PackQueen's Cookie Boxes with windows in White and Brown and our plastic window boxes. They also worked with us on a few custom packaging supplies.

Why PackQueen?

PackQueen has an extensive range of boxes that cater to our diverse range of edible goods. From chocolate boxes to cookie/macaron boxes and custom ribbons, we are never short for choices, Demitra says when asked about PackQueen's place in the business.


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