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Customer Spotlight - Desvalido

Customer Spotlight - Desvalido - PackQueen

We're featuring Desvalido in today's Customer Spotlight. Desvalido is a handmade lingerie, lounge, & sleepwear label with a vintage feminine influence that started in December 2014.

My favourite thing is creating something beautiful. It sounds very materialistic & meaningless, but beautiful things just have a way of relaxing & exciting me at the same time, owner and creator Alana Becker replied when asked what she loves most about having Desvalido in her life.

She favours PackQueen's Slim Line A5 Gift Box and Slim Line C6 Gift Box both in Matt Black to pack and ship her products in. I use matt black boxes in various sizes for my silk pieces to take them to the next level, she said when asked about PackQueen's role in the business. Presentation in online retail is a big deal, you get that one opportunity to wow your customers when their order is delivered, and if it's packaged well, they're on their way to falling in love with your brand.

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