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Customer Spotlight - Chow Down: Making Events More Fun with Food

Customer Spotlight - Chow Down: Making Events More Fun with Food - PackQueen

For some people, you need not say more. All you have to say is food. However, if you want to give your guests a really fun and memorable time, you might want to explore how you can make the boring old buffet setting more entertaining and enjoyable.

Around the World

This is where it's important that you know the guest list. You can use your guests' ethnicity as your theme for your menu. Chinese dim sum, Indian biryani, Thai spring rolls, Mexican tacos, American wings - imagine the possibilities! Another way you can go about it is to create your courses around the countries. This way, you're taking your guests on a trip around the world using yummy food! You can use lunch trays and smaller inserts for single servings of each dish.

Go Live

For an extra layer of entertainment, you can hit two birds with one stone by setting up live cooking and carving stations so your guests can not only have fun ordering their food, but they can also enjoy seeing how they're made. You can use lunch catering trays and food trays for this.

Take it one step further!

Better yet, you can hire a professional chef to give a live cooking lesson. Instead of tables to eat on, you can set up small cooking stations for your guests (think of some of those Asian restaurants that have a grill or stove on the tables for you to cook your meal on). This time, though, your guests can go home with the added incentive of a new dish learned.

Keep It in the Family

Nothing beats family-style dining. With the use of some food and hamper trays, you can install food on each table for your guests to enjoy and share amongst themselves. This is an intimate way of enjoying food and strengthens bonds among friends and family.

Parties are always fun. Food, drinks and friends - who can ask for more? You can make it more fun, however, by putting a twist on the usual by carrying out one of the suggestions in this article. Your events and parties may be few and far between but you're sure to make them more memorable, making your friends and family look forward to the next one.

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