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Customer Spotlight - Bespoke Art Framing

Customer Spotlight - Bespoke Art Framing - PackQueen

Precious moments are most often immortalised in photos or portraits and souvenirs and these keepsakes deserve their pride of place. Bespoke Framing helps in making sure these mementos are showcased beautifully.

We create custom-made frames and display pieces to showcase the treasures and memories of our customers, managing partner Tracey Seymour states. We have an online store for premade art and frames and also work with many artists on a dropship basis by framing their artwork and shipping straight to their end buyers. We have been operating since 2014 in Melton Victoria, and currently have our studio at Western BACE.

We love the creative aspect of our work; we are able to continually develop new techniques and ways to display our customers' treasures and memorabilia, Tracey recounts. We also love seeing the stories of the artwork or souvenirs come to life through our creative designs. The reactions and feedback from our customers are our favourite moments.

Bespoke Framing uses PackQueen's Shredded Kraft Paper, Poster Shipping Boxes, A1 Multi Crease Boxes in Brown and Acid-Free White Tissue Paper.

The nature of our business is that many of the items we ship are custom sizes, and therefore difficult to pre-determine what size boxes we will need, she explains. PackQueen's boxes and packaging supplies are versatile and allow us to use one box to package a number of different-sized frames. The quality of their products and wide range gives us confidence in being able to find a packaging solution for all our shipping needs.

We love discovering businesses all over Australia and everything they have to offer. We also love hearing how PackQueen's products are helping them. How about yours? We'd love to hear from you!

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