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Customer Spotlight - Be Twisted

Customer Spotlight - Be Twisted - PackQueen

Be Twisted is a wristwear producer owned by the husband-and-wife team of Patrice and Diane Raisin in Brisbane.

As well as retailing, we create unique gifts for corporate promotions in the form of pins, bracelets or earrings with the corporate logo or symbol, Diane says. Even utilizing precious and semi-precious stones.

Our French designer craftsman makes outstanding pieces of wearable art bracelets all by hand, appealing to the individual who does not want to follow the mass market and appreciates having their own signature piece, she continues.

Diane loves our Premium Pillow Pack Small - Matt Blue boxes for Be Twisted's products which is easy to use and simple to open.

As for PackQueen's role in the company, Diane says, PackQueen boxes have given our products a presentation lift that is hard to measure, but we love having them work the magic that they do on our customers. We sell directly to the public and when a purchase is made, we ask the customer if they would like to buy a box for their purchase and 9 times out of 10, they do. While we are wrapping the item in tissue paper, putting it in the box and lashing it with a ribbon the customer is positively preening themselves.

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