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Creative Uses For Plastic Boxes

Creative Uses For Plastic Boxes - PackQueen

Plastic boxes have endless possibilities! We'll showcase creative ways to use these versatile containers for storage, gifting, displays and more. Get inspired by innovative techniques to decorate and customize plastic boxes for any use.

If you're wondering what to do with the abundance of plastic boxes you may have lying around, read on!

Now more than ever, we're all aware of the lasting negative effects plastic products can have on our environment. We're always on the lookout for ways in which we can minimize plastic pollution.

Here at PackQueen, we're always looking for ways in which we can help the community and in this article, we're looking into how we can reuse old plastic boxes. We've all heard about reusing plastic bottles but what about the odd plastic box?

Let's explore our options below:

1. Food container

It's always a tragedy when plastic parcels fall apart on you while you're rummaging for bits in the refrigerator. Consider reusing plastic boxes to organise and store vegetables - chopped or whole - as well as leftover food or chopped meats in the freezer. This will also remind you to take out food items from their store containers to wash them which is very important and keep them inside the refrigerator organised. Once washed and towel-dried, you can put the vegetables or other food items in plastic boxes to store.

2. Plastic bags dispenser

If you're like most of us, you're probably setting aside plastic bags to reuse for later but how do you keep them organised? There's a method for folding plastic bags to save space but a faster way to store and take out plastic bags to be reused is to have a ready dispenser. You can cut out a small oval on the top of any plastic box, fold your bags into each other and voila! You have a bag dispenser that's easy to use and convenient to have around.

3. Organised kits

Plastic boxes can also help keep creative juices flowing! If you're a crafter or have kids who love art, plastic boxes can be reused to hold arts and crafts supplies like glue sticks, craft scissors, crayons and more! They can also help make it easy to have arts and crafts kits ready to be taken on road trips and long car rides to keep boredom at bay.

There sure are more ways to reuse plastic boxes. All one really needs is a little creativity and innovation. No idea is a bad one as long as the purpose is to save the environment. Here, every little bit helps!

The next time you get something in a plastic box, your next thought should be: How can I reuse this?


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