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Creative Cookie Packaging Ideas for the Holidays

Creative Cookie Packaging Ideas for the Holidays - PackQueen

Make the holidays sweeter with festive cookie packaging ideas. We'll explore fun, creative ways to package your holiday treats with custom boxes, bags, and more. Discover easy DIY ideas to add a special touch.

Getting a batch of cookies for the holidays is always a sweet treat. The gesture is much more thoughtful and meaningful when the cookies are handmade by you but how does one package cookies for the special holidays?

Here we go through PackQueen's products and how they can be used as alternative packaging options for cookies to give away to friends and family at Christmas. While cookie boxes may be the go-to packaging choice, one is allowed to be more creative and innovative during the gift- and love-giving season!

1. Clear Plastic Boxes

It's always nice to give the recipients a peek into the goodness that's waiting for them. You can use crystal clear or frosted plastic boxes and even choose coloured ones to go with the holiday theme.

2. Paper Bags

Kraft brown paper bags give you urban contemporary Christmas vibes. Pair them up with ribbons and gift tags- et voila! - you have the most now packaging for holiday cookies ready to be given away.

3. Party Boxes

You've seen cookies in buckets so why not party boxes? PackQueen has a smooth white paperboard and a kraft brown paperboard option to choose from so you can take your pick! Our party boxes also come in a variety of sizes for you to choose from as well.

5. Carry Packs

Usually reserved for cakes and other heavier food items because they're built for heavier loads so you can definitely load them up with cookies! Lots and lots of cookies. You can choose the colour and finish you like or you can get ones with the windows on them so you can let the recipients salivate before they actually eat the cookies.

6. Hamper Trays

Give the gift of overflowing cookies! Having a potluck in the office or with friends? Are the kids having their own Christmas party at school? You can bring cookies for the party in one of our heavy-duty hamper trays. They come in variety colours and finishes as well as sizes.

The good thing about having a packaging manufacturer that has an impressive capability when it comes to producing options for countless containers is that the possibilities are endless. You can enjoy numerous choices especially when you're feeling creative and adventurous.

Some might say cookie for Christmas is predictable. We say it's not if you get more innovative when it comes to your chosen cookie packaging. Happy baking!

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