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Creating the Perfect Christmas Hamper

Creating the Perfect Christmas Hamper - PackQueen

Planning holiday gift baskets? We have tips for creating picture-perfect Christmas hampers. Explore how to artfully arrange gourmet food, treats, and gifts in festive containers. Learn special touches to make your holiday hampers stand out.

Finding the right Christmas gift for someone can be a daunting task. The more the other person means to you, the more challenging it gets because you want to make sure everything you feel about that person is represented by whatever gift you come up with.

This is probably why some people prefer to give out Christmas hampers instead. The joy of giving out Christmas hampers come from the fact that you're not just giving a gift.

Most people give away food items packed together in a basket, sometimes decorated with wadding and ribbons and secured with cellophane.

You can tailor-fit the contents of the Christmas hamper to the personality of the recipient. For example, you're giving one to a wine connoisseur. You can give them a Christmas hamper filled with crackers, cheeses, a cheese board, corkscrew and wineglass. The possibilities for combinations are endless!

What makes Christmas hampers a lot more fun and meaningful is how they show that you really know the recipient. The contents and how they're assembled do a lot in showing that you value the recipient and know them by heart.

If you've got your hamper contents all planned out but at a loss as to the container or looking for a more affordable alternative to a basket, PackQueen has a collection of food and hamper trays that you can use instead.

These food and hamper trays come in a variety of colours and sizes that you can choose from. These food and hamper trays are made with heavy-duty cardboard and durable paperboard so you can be sure they won't fall apart on you.

To finish off your hamper, PackQueen also has clear cellophane, ribbons and twine and shredded kraft paper to use as wadding.

Putting together a Christmas hamper can be a fun bonding experience for the family as well. You can get the kids together to make an assembly line as you put together Christmas hampers for grandma and grandpa as well as various aunts and uncles. Then, you can give away the Christmas hampers you lovingly and thoughtfully put together away as a family.

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