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Brights-inspired eco food packaging

Brights-inspired eco food packaging - PackQueen

Eco-friendly packaging is on the rise, but it can still look boring. Not this bright, fun, sustainable food packaging inspired by fruit, veggies, and more! This post explores the eye-catching designs and materials behind new eco food packaging trends.

It's undeniable, eco packaging for food products is a massive trend. This week it's all over google, the rage in leading gourmet stores and plastered all over pinterest boards. And somehow, it's this packaging trend that makes food look that little bit more delicious!

The good thing about eco packaging is that you don't need a lot to make your product fit within the context.

At PackQueen these past couple of weeks, we've launched a brand new range of macaron and chocolate packaging that can fit within your budget and give your product a modern, up-market look. It doesn't have to be boring either! Pair up your recycled-look packaging with some colourful clever labels, product enclosures, or even add a touch more colour to the item that you're selling for extra spiffing.

We've put together this amazing package for The Mad Macaron. Leaflets fit securely inside the top of the box and are held up in position by the bananarama macarons. It looks amazing and is guaranteed to catch the buyer's eye when sitting on a shelf amongst the chaos of products. Wouldn't you look twice?

If you're interested in branding your product and would like to achieve this or a similar look or just to jazz up your products, contact us to see how we can help your brand flourish!

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