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Biodegradable Food Packaging - Is it Safe to Use?

Biodegradable Food Packaging - Is it Safe to Use? - PackQueen

All business owners have financial goals, aiming for certain levels of revenue and profit. But increasingly, they also have environmental goals and these are important to many customers who prefer to buy from businesses that follow environmentally friendly practices.

Since many million tons of packaging are used every year, one way of demonstrating your green credentials is to use biodegradable packaging. In food industries, however, this poses challenges that businesses have to address and the most important of these is if such packaging is safe to use.

Multiple Challenges for Biodegradable Packaging

Biodegradable food packaging has to fulfil several aims. It must:
  • keep food well-protected and safe so it does not degrade during storage and transit, adding to the huge amount of food that is wasted before it even reaches the consumer
  • be attractive and provides advertising so it promotes the image of your brand
  • be at least comparable with non-biodegradable versions in terms of the cost of production and transport
  • be convenient to use, both during the distribution process and for users
  • cause no harm to the environment and, most importantly, to the people who consume the food.

The latter is one of the most important challenges because causing harm to its customers is disastrous for any business. One of the answers has been to produce edible food packaging that is made from cellulose or other natural materials and so will eliminate waste altogether or is biodegradable if not actually eaten.

This type of packaging has good mechanical strength, is flexible, printable and capable of being heat sealed. It can isolate products from gases such as oxygen and carbon dioxide but does not provide a barrier against moisture. Consequently, research is still ongoing to protect against moisture permeability and so provide the same benefits as plastic packaging but without the environmental problems.

Biodegradable food packaging that is non-edible is also available but is sometimes treated with toxic solutions to improve mechanical strength and reduce moisture permeability. It's important, therefore, when choosing food packaging, that you ensure it's food safe.

Safety First for Food Packaging

Our policy at PackQueen is to rate food safety as highly as product protection for all our biodegradable food packaging. We only use materials that are 100% safe, are durable and sustainable, and we manufacture those materials into packaging that provides complete protection for your products in a safe manner.

Choose our custom food packaging in the knowledge that it will:
  • use fewer resources than traditional packaging and so be beneficial for the environment
  • be lower in weight and so reduce transport costs
  • be stackable for easy and convenient storage and distribution
  • contain no toxins or allergens that will harm your products or those who consume them
  • have reduced production costs due to fewer, more durable materials
  • be re-usable due to its durability and recyclable at the end of its life
  • be flexible and convenient for producers, distributors, retailers and consumers throughout its life.

Choosing our biodegradable food packaging means you don't have to take any risks with safety, don't compromise on quality, get a great product and achieve real savings while also helping the environment.

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