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Best Way to Ship Large, Heavy Items in Australia: Large Boxes & Packing Tips

Best Way to Ship Large, Heavy Items in Australia: Large Boxes & Packing Tips - PackQueen

Transporting oversized, heavy items in Australia poses logistical challenges. This post shares the best way to ship large, heavy items using the right packing methods and large shipping boxes. We provide tips to protect your items, calculate shipping costs, choose a courier, and properly pack oversized goods. You'll learn how to ship bulky items safely and affordably.

When you're packing a large box for shipping, you undoubtedly will be concerned over whether this massive container will get to its destination in one piece, unbroken, and safe. You want to make sure that fragile items, even when shipped in oversized packages, will be able to arrive safely.

But how do you go about packing large items? The key goal is learning how to ship large items in Australia safely.

How to Package Large Items For Shipping: 4 Tips

When shipping locally or shipping large items internationally, if you're packaging a large box to ship items and packages that weigh a lot, here are four helpful hints.

1. Use The Strongest Box You Can

Many large shipments have been ruined because shippers have used boxes that are simply not up to the task. You want something sturdy. And the sturdier, the better. It's also important, though it may not seem like it, that you use a box that is as new as possible.
Boxes that have been through the shipping process before have lost some of their structural integrity. Making sure that your box is beefy and new is key to making sure that your large items will ship well.

2. Know Your Shipping Method

There are different ways to ship large packages. Depending on the size of the package, it can be something as simple as using the mail, using a packaging service, or even hiring a freight company. There are advantages and disadvantages to all of these methods. The mail will be your cheapest option, but they do have weight limits.
Freight service doesn't have weight limits, but delivery times and convenience might not be on your side. Knowing the dimensional weight of the package, the size of the package, and how fragile it's going to be crucial for choosing the right shipping service.

3. Use the Most Robust Packing Material You Can

If you're debating between a $5 roll of packing tape and a $10 roll of packing tape, consider the overall cost of the package. Realize that not using heavy-duty tape to seal the box just to save a few dollars would be foolish.
The same goes for the packaging materials inside. Use bubble wrap when you can, packing peanuts when you can, and use rolled-up newspapers as the last resort. You want the best for your package. If you can use formed styrofoam for your package, that will be an even better option.

4. Divide Your Package Into Multiple Shipments if Possible

If your package is large, but is in multiple parts, consider dividing it into smaller packages. While it's not unheard of for a package to be lost, it happens far less often than ever before thanks to tracking software. Three moderately sized boxes will have lower shipping costs and be safer to transport than one large package.


By breaking your package down into smaller packages, using the best packing materials possible including the box and knowing your shipping service, you'll be prepared for whatever obstacles stand in your way of getting your large package shipped.

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