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A Guide to PackQueen Custom Solutions

A Guide to PackQueen Custom Solutions - PackQueen

Looking for custom packaging tailored to your business? PackQueen offers innovative solutions that are designed for your unique needs. In this guide, we’ll walk through the custom packaging options, services, and ordering process so you can create boxes, displays, and branded materials that help your products stand out.

There are many types of packaging out there. Boxes used for non-food items either postage or store display, Food-safe packaging boxes, or even plastic boxes and packets, if you're not after solid packaging and want a more flexible option, there are gift bags and wrapping paper.

When trying to decide which type is your go-to you need to consider many things like, size, style, material, and design. Your packaging will become the clothes of your product, it means that people might either look at your product amazed with its beauty or not pay attention to it as it is too common or on the bad size, criticize it when it seems unfit your product.

When you have all your aspects planned and you're on your search for what fits those criteria you are after there is a chance that you cannot readily find the exact packaging you want and that is where custom solutions make an entrance.

PackQueen offers different custom solutions to achieve the perfect packaging you are after

Custom Size

Packaging size plays many roles when it comes to selling your products. Selecting the perfect size for your item can make or break the totality of the product's appeal as well as the post-purchase impression.

Take cakes as an example. From the smallest cupcakes to the highest and largest possible, no matter the size we need to make sure that the box will fit perfectly to preserve the intricate designs carefully made to create your scrumptious and lovely cakes. The right size helps the product stay in place to avoid damages.

PackQueen offers a custom solution for sizes not within our existing range. For such a solution, a new cutting forme is made based on the size the client is after. This applies to those who require an exact size of boxes, basic inserts or dividers, and even sleeves for your boxes. Minimum starts at 250 units.


When we talk about packaging the first thing that comes to mind is the label. No matter what your product or service is, you want to include your brand in your presentation.

Most of the time, what businesses want is to print their logo directly onto the boxes, bags, or whatever packaging they have, we even encounter some who want printed tissue papers. Some just want something to stick onto their product containers or something to seal a bag or box with.

Label Sticker

Custom printed sticker label is one of the most economical options for starting businesses. Most of the time, printing directly onto boxes requires a minimum quantity for a certain design of print and a certain variant of the box. Custom printed labels give you the freedom to attach your logo anywhere you wish to e.g if you have five kinds of products in your business with different packaging types (bag, box, bottles) you can have a label sticker roll that you can use for all your products without spending too much or purchasing a large quantity of each packaging for the sake of the minimum to get it printed.

Custom Printing

While labels offer a very economic option, custom printing is one of the most sought custom solutions in the world of packaging. It makes your packaging complete, unique, and very personalized it just gives a whole new different vibe than stickers. PackQueen offers different printing options for different materials.

Screen Printing

For our cardboard boxes, we use Screen printing to brand the box for our customers. This is the most sought custom solution in our experience. Everyone wants a box they can call their own packaging. We offer a wide range of standard sizes with different styles and colours which you guys can choose from and add a personal touch with a custom printing solution.

Screen printing is a process of transferring ink to a surface ideally flat surfaces. With this being said, fabrics and papers are the most common material screen printing is used on. Screen printing provides the option for lower minimum order quantities. This is because screen printing setup is essentially cheaper and easier to make.

We want to offer the best options we can for everyone and we believe that achieving your dream packaging should be easy and accessible.

Foil Printing and Digital Printing

Remember those logos and text written in some packaging that leaves you wow with its shiny metallic appearance? That is the magic of Foil printing. It gives a glam look and a great contrast against the packaging surface (especially on paper materials) due to its distinct finish.

This option is available for our paperboard boxes. Most customers opt for this printing style when they are dealing with jewelry, invitation packaging, event souvenirs, and the likes. We offer a low minimum quantity with bulk pricing available on our website.

Packaging of course is not just boxes. At PackQueen we offer as much as we can and here are other customizable packaging options available:

The possibilities are endless, but with custom packaging, the reach of your product can be beyond far and the roots of your business can grow deeper than you can imagine.

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