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6 Ways to Add a Christmas Feel to your Packaging

6 Ways to Add a Christmas Feel to your Packaging - PackQueen


With Christmas just around the corner, we here at PackQueen are beaming with excitement for the holidays. For our lovely clients who are prepping for the upcoming busy season, we’ve got 7 tips on how to infuse Christmas spirit into your product packaging.

1) Choose seasonal gift wrappers. One of the most inexpensive ways to bring a seasonal vibe to your product’s packaging is to switch to Christmas colors. Choose between gold, silver, red and green gift wrappers, whichever fits with your brand’s existing theme.

2) Bundle up! Bundling products have always been a win-win for businesses. Not only do they provide customers with additional choices for gift-giving, these bundled items also result to more sales.

PackQueen’s hamper boxes and trays are perfect for bundling products, but if you’re selling wine… we’ve got boxes that could fit up to three bottles of wine perfectly snug and break-free.

3) 'Christmasize' your Finishing touches. If you use ribbons, tags, embellishments, or other tiny details for the finishing touches of your packages, make sure to incorporate a hint of Christmas goodness. Even a roll of natural ribbon could make any gift look snazzier. YouTube features a ton of instructions on how to turn ribbons into small flowers, stars, wreath, and other crafty designs.

For those with extra marketing funds to boost seasonal sales, you can even have custom labels printed out. You can make it a full-blown Christmas greet, or just change your label’s colors suitable for the holidays.

4) Fill packaging up with tissue paper. Whether you’re using plastic bags, paper bags, or gift boxes for your products, adding red or green tissue paper to fill up spaces inside could give your customers the warm and fuzzy feeling of Christmas. This trick also takes the least amount of time and money, compared to other techniques.

5) Fancy trays for parties. Each Christmas comes tons of parties – at the office, family reunions, clubs, school, and a whole lot more. When organizing mix-and-match goodies to give away during these parties, look no further than our sturdy hamper trays. These trays could hold a bunch of products and still look seasonal even without
a cover.

6) Go see-through for Christmas-themed products. If you’re selling seasonal quilts, cupcakes, and other Christmas-themed products, you won’t need additional decorations at all. Take advantage of your products and show them off with transparent plastic boxes. A simple ribbon can do wonders with your packaging.

Celebrating Christmas with your customers shouldn’t be such a stressful time. Prepare early to market your products fit for the holidays.

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