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3 Reasons You'll Love Our New Laydown Macaroon & Chocolate boxes

3 Reasons You'll Love Our New Laydown Macaroon & Chocolate boxes - PackQueen
Our lovely new macaroon and chocolate boxes are about to make gift-giving a whole lot sweeter. In this post, we'll highlight 3 reasons why you're going to love these elegant new packaging options. From the chic, minimalist design to the clear viewing windows ideal for displaying delicious goodies, these boxes are sure to impress.

We'll also cover the customization options available to help make your gifts extra special. Read on to learn more about these boxes that are perfect for birthdays, holidays, and more!

Packqueen has just released new items as part our food packaging collection, giving bakeries, cake shops, and home bakers more options for their yummy treats. We’re excited about them, and you probably will too. Here are 3 reasons you’ll also love our new laydown macaroon and chocolate boxes:

1. Double-Duty Boxes
Made of high quality, food-grade 285gsm paperboard, our new boxes are perfect not only for scrumptious macaroons, but also for chocolates, truffles and cake balls, mini cupcakes, candies, cookies or other tiny treats.

The new set of boxes come in several sizes, including 1-macaroon, 2-macaroon, 3-macaroon, 4-macaroon 2x2 box, 4-macaroon 200mm x 50mm x 32mm box, 5 macaroon and 6-macaroon boxes. Each size is available in Kraft brown and smooth white finish.

2. Laydown design for easy prep and packing
Traditional macaroon boxes stack colorful macaroons one on top of another, or side-by-side. Our laydown boxes allow you to prepare macaroons lying flat at the box.

Our new boxes come with separate lids that snug perfectly without the need for glue or tape, keeping your goods intact during shipping. As such, you can ensure that the effort and time you put into arranging your macaroons or artisan chocolates inside the box won’t be in vain. Your customers will receive them exactly how it left your hands.

3. Mix-and Match Products in One Box
Except for the 1-macaroon & choc boxes in Kraft brown and smooth white finish, these new boxes come with removable inserts, giving you an option to add more items into one box.

If you’re giving these out as presents or bomboniere, you can arrange goods in one box as a sampler for all your best products.
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