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10 Creative Ways to Build Your Christmas Hamper

10 Creative Ways to Build Your Christmas Hamper - PackQueen
Christmas Packaging
The holidays are right around the corner, which means it's time to start planning your Christmas gift hampers! In this post, we'll explore 10 clever and creative ways to build unique hampers filled with delightful goodies your loved ones will adore. From edible treats to handmade crafts, we'll cover how to make your hampers extra special. Get ready for lots of gift-giving inspiration!

Very few things can make Christmas merry more than receiving a full-packed Christmas hamper. Not only is it filled with goodies but it's sometimes filled with goodies especially put together just for the recipient. What can be more special than that?

It's understandable that we, most often than not, just want to get the gift-giving over and done with that we make do with pre-made hampers. However, nothing shows you appreciate your friends and loved ones and know them well more than a handmade Christmas hamper.

If this is something you're thinking of doing, read on. This article is just for you because we'll be going over the creative ways to build your Christmas hamper.

Personalize it further with a theme

This takes the fun level to a higher degree as it shows how much you know the recipient, their likes and dislikes. Some of the themes might include:

    For the movie buff: popcorn pack, a water bottle, DVD of their favorite movie, candies and socks or blanket.

      For the music fan: an iTunes gift voucher, Airpods (or a more affordable alternative) and a record or CD of their favorite band or artist. A coffee table book related to music can also work!

      1. For the gardener: gardening gloves, kneeling pad and mini tools like weeder, trowel, transplanter, cultivator, and weeding fork.

      2. For the winter: knitted gloves, socks, a blanket, powdered hot cocoa, mini marshmallows and a mug - perfect for warming up within the cosy colder days.

      3. For the bookworm: a classic novel (an old, often first edition, is the best way to go), bookmark, book light, coffee, and a mug.

      The budget

      Coming up with a breathtaking hamper need not break the bank. You just have to be a little savvy in your hunt for more affordable alternatives to what you would normally give. This makes the actual putting together of a hamper more fun for you as the giver as well.

      What to include

      While it may be tempting to fill your hamper to the brim with every theme-related goodie you can find, this is not very economical and would also take away from the thoughtfulness of the gift and make it all about the contents.

      So, when you're choosing which items to include in the hamper, be conscientious and keep the budget in mind. There are a lot of great things you can include in a hamper that's not as expensive but just as thoughtful and more meaningful than others.

      The Packaging

      Do you know that you can build your Christmas hamper using all PackQueen packaging supplies? We have hamper trays in every size and colour as well as everything else you might need such as cellophane, tissue paper in every colour, ribbons, labels, tags, shredded kraft paper, and backing boards in case you need them.

      Personalise it

      Get in touch with our Custom Team if you want any of the packaging supplies customised because we do that too, you know?

      Personalising one of your packaging supplies, even if it's just the ribbon or the tags or tissue paper, elevates the quality and the level of thoughtfulness of your hamper.

      The Arrangement

      It's important to the overall presentation how the items are arranged in the hamper. Assign a front part of your hamper so you'll know which side should be facing the recipient and then arrange the contents accordingly. You can arrange them by height with the largest or tallest items in the back and getting lower or smaller towards the front. You can also put softer or perishable items in the front.

      Filling it up

      Wadding does more than just to show a full hamper. It also protects the contents of the hamper especially if you have breakables packed in. Shredded paper does well to cushion items especially heavy ones or those that are likely to break. After packing your hamper and wrapping it up, you can lay out extra wadding down in a box before putting the hamper in to prepare it for shipping and handling.

      Wrapping up

      To generate excitement for the hamper, clear cellophane is the best wrapping option. Clear cellophane helps give parcels that clean look while also giving recipients a peek into what awaits them in the hamper.

      One last note

      Giving away Christmas cards may be pass to some but if you want to elevate the look and feel of your hamper, a card just might do the trick. Christmas is the one time we can express ourselves freely and let our loved ones know how much we love and appreciate them through the written word.

      Attaching a Christmas card as a final touch makes the hamper and the actual act of giving it away more heartfelt.

      The delivery

      Christmas is the perfect time to visit with friends and loved ones, including those you haven't seen in some time. Delivering your very own hamper gives you the perfect opportunity to check in on the people you care about while brightening their day with a present. You can have the hamper delivered by a courier but it wouldn't be the same. Consider going this last extra mile to show people in your life you care for them.

      The act of giving hampers at Christmas is all about love and care. From coming up with the contents to putting everything together and finally delivering it to the recipient all shows the other person that they are valued, cherished and loved. It all might sound tiring, yes, but the fulfillment you get just by seeing the recipient's smile of thanks is repayment enough.

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