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Are you in the wine business and looking for reliable wine packaging for shipping? Look no further! Our business-to-business blog provides essential tips and recommendations on wine packaging that ensures your bottles reach their destination safely and in pristine condition.

Red, white, rose, or sparkling, everyone loves a good bottle of wine so it's important to make sure they're shipped safely and securely. Glass can be difficult to ship without breaking, but there are many ways you can keep your bottles and glasses safe in transit.

Things to consider when choosing wine packaging for shipping

Nowadays, people can and do buy almost everything online. And that includes wines from around the world. But how are the fragile bottles shipped such long distances without smashing?

Specialist boxes

Your wine packaging has to be strong and sturdy, but also not too weighty. With lots of bottles in the box, it will already be quite heavy, and adding much more weight to it through the packaging will add to shipping costs and make it harder for the customer to carry and distribute once it's arrived.

Divider inserts

To keep your bottles in one place and to stop them from hitting against each other and cracking, you can use divider inserts in the shipping boxes. They're available in different sizes for different bottles and different numbers for different boxes. But they're not just for shipping the bottles, these dividers will help keep any bottles upright to prevent leaking and spilling. These are perfect if you're shipping in bulk to shops, pubs, parties, or moving your wine collection to your new home.

To give a more professional look, why not customise your box and dividers? Maybe add a seasonal logo to make sure you stand out? Or print something that lets the poster know to take care when handling the box. Simply send us over your design as a high-quality PDF, an EPS file, or an Adobe Illustrator file with all fonts outlined.

Still worried about shipping the bottles?

There are so many extra things you can add to keep your wine bottles safe in transit, even with the secure materials and dividers, including:

  • Packing peanuts
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing paper
  • Protective foam
  • Foam chips
  • Shredded paper
  • Moulded pulp packaging

If you've bought your wine packaging from a reputable seller, like PackQueen, there's no need to worry about how your bottles will do through the shipping process. We use only the best materials, most of which have been recycled and can be recycled again. We even have instructional videos on how to put your packaging together so that you can be sure everything's packed properly, safely, and securely. You can also request a sample box before you decide to give you peace of mind that your bottles will survive the postal service!

We know that wine bottles come in all different shapes and sizes, so you have a huge range to choose from. Whether you're shipping 3, 6, 12, or more, you'll find something here that will suit your needs. If we don't have the size you need, we'll happily customise your boxes to fit your bottles properly. However, we recommend that if you have over 12 bottles, you split them into two boxes. This just helps to keep the boxes strong, easy to carry, and less likely to break.

Turn to PackQueen for all your packing needs

Wine can be an extremely high-value product, so the person you choose to help keep it safe should be high quality too. At PackQueen, we have the knowledge and experience to understand every wine seller's packaging needs, whether it's for shipping, hand-delivering, or gifting. We offer discounts on bulk orders and offer sample packaging for you to test out.

Need help in finding the perfect packaging?

Get in touch with our team of experts and we will create the perfect packaging for your brand.