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Why Product Packaging is Important?

Why Product Packaging is Important? - PackQueen

Product packaging goes beyond aesthetic appeal. In our business-to-business blog, we shed light on why product packaging is vital for your business's success. Join us as we explore how packaging influences consumer perception, plays a role in brand storytelling, and enhances product value.

Many people underrate the importance of packaging, viewing it as simply a means of protecting a product during storage and transport. However, it is much more important than that and needs to be seriously considered for several reasons.

1. Protecting the Product

This is the most basic reason for providing packaging and one of the most vital. If the product comes out of the box in a damaged state, it will cause great disappointment and may result in the customer not buying anymore of your products. It's crucial, therefore, that you take great care in ensuring that the packaging provides maximum protection.

Make sure the packaging is robust and the product is held securely within it so the product doesn't move about. That often means having internal packing to prevent movement. Ensure the packaging is resistant to knocks, protects against heat and humidity, and prevents the ingress of moisture.

2. Cost-effective and Economical

Good packaging needn't cost a lot of money to be effective. Indeed, some care and planning in your packaging needs can save money in the long-term.

Don't go for awkward shapes of packaging that will be difficult and expensive to transport and store. Being able to accommodate more products in a given space will reduce transport costs and make your products popular among store owners who have to put them on their shelves.

3. Boosting your Brand Image

Well thought out and attractive packaging that has consistent and attractive brand images and colours will appeal to shoppers and make them more likely to buy. Conversely, for example, the Australian government's insistence that cigarettes are sold in plain packaging has led to a substantial fall in demand, which illustrates what a lack of appeal can do. Good packaging will convey a message about your brand, how it differs from other products and what it means for the customer. It's as important to start-ups as it is to established businesses.

Packaging that's effectively branded will continue to promote the product as long as it's retained so the brand will stay in a customer's mind and help to promote future sales. The current trend for unboxing videos on social media will also help with marketing. However, this does emphasise the need for the packaging to properly protect the product and be easy to open since the opposite will have disastrous marketing consequences. What you should aim for is a pleasurable experience for every customer who buys your product.

4. Product Enhancement

Since appealing packaging will often attract customers to a product, you should make it as good-looking as possible. A quality box often increases the value of a product in a customer's eyes and so gives the prospect of a price uplift. However, the quality of the product needs to match that of the packaging otherwise disappointment will inevitably be the outcome.

5. Environmentally Friendly

With an increased emphasis on the environment, customers often buy products that they believe are more eco-friendly. If the packaging is reusable or recyclable, that can boost your image as a responsible company and help to increase sales.

It is important to know your target market by studying the demographics of your main customers. You can then design packaging that will appeal to them and may also aim to attract other customers with a new image. Packaging should never be dismissed as being purely functional because it is a very important component and, with a little thought and effort, it can make a huge difference to your company's performance. And with our help and our range of customisable products, you can achieve that aim.

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