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Why It Pays to Give Away Favours

Why It Pays to Give Away Favours - PackQueen


In this edition of our business-to-business blog, we discuss the value of giving away favors to your customers. From enhancing brand visibility to building positive brand associations, we'll show you how this strategic gesture can pay dividends for your business.

Independent sellers and small business owners know this all too well: there's no better way of thanking a customer than with a freebie.

Companies usually get made-to-order items to give away especially around the holiday season. For smaller businesses, however, prefer a more DIY approach, making it more heartfelt and personal.

Most customers will agree what the freebie is doesn't matter. Some don't even mind how small the gift is. The most important thing is that there is a gift, a token of thanks for their support.

It can be as small as a pen or even a thin notepad with the company name. Most businesses prefer something useful, an item that a person will likely be carrying around all day and using all the time. Local bookstores, for example, give away custom-printed bookmarks. Bigger businesses give away umbrellas or shirts - all with the company name or logo.

You can create a tiering system to your giveaways, choosing pricier items to give away to customers who purchase more items. That way, the freebies can serve as a sort of reward.

It's all about making people feel special and appreciated for their support of the business. No matter how small or seemingly insignificant the gesture, customers just want to feel that their connection and relationship with your company goes beyond their purchase. This little touch of appreciation ensures that you are remembered and if your customer needs something in the future, they will most definitely buy again from you.

Make your business - regardless of its size - memorable for your customers by saying thanks with little tokens they will surely appreciate.

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