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Product Spotlight - Macaron Boxes

Product Spotlight - Macaron Boxes - PackQueen

Historically a dessert reserved for royalty since being invented by Queen Catherine de Medici's Italian chef in France, macarons have since gained the distinction of the premium delicacy of choice usually reserved for special guests and big celebrations. Their beautiful colouring, soft texture, and delicate flavour all make macarons extremely luxurious and enjoyable to eat.

Since macarons have delicate meringue shells, they need packaging that can protect them at least until they're ready to be eaten. You need deluxe packaging for such deluxe confections. This goes double if you're giving out macarons to loved ones, customers, and guests at your party.

Whether you're packaging one, two or every twenty-four macarons at a time, you can be sure PackQueen has just the kind of boxes you need: durable but aesthetically-pleasing so you know your macarons will stay safe and presented in a pretty box. For an extra special touch, use customised tissue paper wrapping.

PackQueen's macaron boxes are made with durable paperboard, guaranteed to keep their shape and protect their contents even through shipping and handling. We have a wide variety of macaron boxes in every size, colour and finish whether you like economical colours like kraft brown or white as well as other premium colours like red, blue, pink, green, gold and more in either matt or gloss finish. We also have different types of lids for whether you want slide-over ones, those that tuck into the box or lids that have windows on them.

If you're looking for boxes that are appealing as the macarons themselves, you'll be glad to shop our collection of macaron boxes for an unboxing experience that's as exquisite as the soft goodies themselves.

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