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Product Spotlight - Hat Boxes

Product Spotlight - Hat Boxes - PackQueen

Hats are used, nowadays, more for aesthetics than function or convenience. Some people simply feel that they look better wearing a hat while others wear hats because they need to for work and some need hats on a regular basis.

Headgear can help complete an outfit and give off an air of importance, class and style. Some hats nowadays can cause an arm or a leg, especially the custom-made ones so they need to be cared for properly whether they're being put in storage or taken along in travels.

Big fashion and social events require headwear like fascinators and delicate little hats, big events like the upcoming Spring Racing Carnival and the Melbourne Cup. Don't get lost in the fray by missing out on eye-catching fashion statements and let PackQueen help you keep your headgear for this social occasion in great condition.

PackQueen makes hat boxes with durable cardboard so you can be sure they will keep your head coverings in great shape even through shipping and handling. They come in various colours and finishes to match your taste. Whether you have large hats or small ones, you can be sure we have just the right box for your particular use.

Wholesale pricing is available online as well as custom print options so you can make your PackQueen hat boxes all your own. Take a gander at our available hat boxes today and start your own collection!

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