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How to Use Boxes for a Christmas Display

How to Use Boxes for a Christmas Display - PackQueen

Christmas is the perfect time to create a festive and eye-catching display that captures the holiday spirit. Boxes can be a versatile and creative tool to achieve just that. In this blog post, we will share ideas and inspiration on how to use boxes for a Christmas display that wows your customers. From creating a winter wonderland to showcasing your products in a unique way, get ready to spread holiday cheer through imaginative box displays.

It's the special occasions every year when you can go crazy with the decorations in your store: Valentine's Day, Halloween, Christmas and more. Admittedly, the Christmas season is the ultimate holiday when you can really go all out with the decorations.

These days, though, more and more folks are using recycled or upcycled materials to lessen the damage our trash makes on the environment. Do you happen to have a stack of old boxes lying around? Here's how you can use them to create a one-of-a-kind DIY Christmas display.

Christmas Tree

Probably the most fun, challenging but rewarding display you can create. Gather the team together or recruit your family for extra sets of hands and bring out all of the usable boxes from the back room of your store and get ready to work.

Prepping the boxes should be easy. You can either wrap them in crepe paper of greens and red or you can paint them. You can also opt to leave them as is and use ornaments and decorations to inject colour to go with your chosen motif. With a Christmas tree window display, you can go as tall and as wide as you like. Just make sure you keep the proportions in mind.

Think about putting on up on the window using your old boxes and watch people walk by with big smiles on their faces.

Shadow Boxes

These can be a little tricky and maybe a little more complicated to make but the thing about Christmas and DIY decorations is that nothing needs to be perfect and sometimes, the rougher around the edges the decorations are, the better.

You can recruit the children in your family to cut out figures and you can decorate the shadow boxes with recycled construction paper, ornaments and wrapping paper.

If you don't have time to draw and cut displays for your shadow boxes, you can use Christmas balls and other old ornaments. Opt for battery-operated fairy lights to save on energy and be on the safe side.

Christmas Train

If you've always wanted a toy train for Christmas (or know someone in the family or your team who always dreamt of having one), now may be a good time to make dreams come true.

Line up your old boxes and go to town with colours and markers to decorate. You can create the tracks using other boxes or popsicle sticks bound by twine. You can create a winter wonderland with cotton wool and spray-on faux snow.

Santa Village

Go to town at Christmas (see what we did there?) by creating your very own North Pole right there in your store window. The more boxes, the better!

Plan the layout and then start decorating your boxes to make them look like houses. You can put battery-operated LED lights in some of them too and then scatter tinsel and fake snow everywhere to make everything look more festive.


If you have a surplus of plastic boxes, you can make lighted gift boxes. You can take one plastic box - this also works if it's coloured - put LED lights inside or a string of fairy lights, tie a ribbon around it, make a big bow on top and you're good to go. Just be sure to use battery-operated lights for safety purposes. They're more energy-efficient as well!

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