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How Important is Packaging for Ecommerce?

How Important is Packaging for Ecommerce? - PackQueen

Ecommerce has experienced explosive growth over the last few years as people have come to appreciate the benefits of ordering online. Australia is reckoned to have had 17.9 million online shoppers in 2019 who bought almost $24 million worth of goods with an average spend of $1,500 per customer.

That amounts to a lot of packages being transported across the country and, due to COVID-19 restrictions, these figures are bound to have increased in 2020. So getting those goods safely to their destination is ever more important.

The Importance of Good Ecommerce Retail Packaging

Most purchased products are sent out in eCommerce packaging boxes made of corrugated cardboard. Whilst whatever you choose will no doubt be adequate for most jobs, a little care in design and selection can make all the difference.

When choosing your packaging, consider a few factors:

  1. Making the right impression. The main feature of a cardboard box is its practicality; its aim is to get a product to its destination safely and without damage. However, the packaging will probably be the first physical contact for customers and so it needs to look good. If you're selling a luxury product, put it in a box that reflects the quality of the product. A box that arrives battered and damaged will create completely the wrong impression. Even worse if the contents are damaged so make sure that you use quality packaging that is robust and will protect the contents.
  2. Promoting your brand image. Many companies send their products out in plain, brown cardboard boxes. Surveys have found that customers are more likely to order again from suppliers that use bespoke eCommerce packaging that has the company's name, logo, and brand details. Brand loyalty is what every company aims to achieve and having customised packaging is one way to do this. With a little thought and careful design, your packaging can help to improve customer loyalty, increase future sales and boost your company's image.
  3. Reducing consignment costs. Whether you use standard or bespoke packaging, ensure you have a variety of boxes to suit different styles and sizes of products. Putting everything in the same size of the box will mean that some products will either rattle around in the container and risk damage or will require extra packing to restrict movement and provide additional protection. This means you're using unnecessary packing materials that will add to costs and will also require you to pay higher delivery charges based on the size of the consignment. A box of the correct size will reduce the costs and also save waste that harms the environment. Keeping costs low means you're more likely to be able to offer free delivery. Surveys show that customers who benefit from free shipping are likely to spend more on the product so sales will increase.
  4. Improving delivery times. Customers who buy online value prompt and reliable delivery. Using the right packaging will speed the packing process and the optimum box size can enable the most efficient delivery method. And getting the product there intact and with no damage will avoid costly re-deliveries that will harm customer confidence.

Following Ecommerce Packaging Trends

Although some companies use generic packaging because it's perceived to be cheap, it can be more costly in the long-term. Damaged goods delivered in sub-standard packaging will harm your company's reputation and profitability.

Quality, bespoke packaging, on the other hand, will boost your brand image, contribute to repeat business, and be a useful marketing tool. Choose from our standard ranges or go for bespoke products to make your company really stand out.

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