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Customer Spotlight - SugarLily Cakes and Confectionery

Customer Spotlight - SugarLily Cakes and Confectionery - PackQueen

There's a little sweetheart of a bespoke cake company in Elanora, QLD called SugarLily Cakes and Confectionery. We recently got in touch with head baker and owner Kerry Neve to find out more about the success story that is SugarLily Cakes and Confectionery.

We first asked Kerry how the business came about.

We specialise in fondant-covered cakes and offering a range of sweet treats for special celebrations, she began. I started the business in 2012 when I decided to take a leap of faith and turn my hobby and passion into a full-time career.

I have always had a love for baking and sugar craft. There's something that is just very comforting and satisfying about it and I love how you can take just a few humble ingredients and turn them into something quite delicious and special! Cake is like a little hug for your tummy and your soul and I love that my business can make people smile and feel that way! She gushed when we asked her what she loves most about SugarLily Cakes and Confectionery.

It's a great honour and privilege to be asked to make cakes and sweet treats for celebrations and milestone occasions and I feel very lucky that my business gives me the chance to be part of such a special time in people's lives.

Kerry has used some of PackQueen's Clear Macaron Cylinder Boxes, Clear Folding Boxes as well as 100mm Cookie Boxes with Clear Window in Gloss White and 200mm Cookie Box with Clear Window in Kraft Brown.

What makes SugarLily Cakes and Confectionery + PackQueen a winning combination?

PackQueen's fabulous boxes help me showcase my sweet treats with class, elegance and professionalism, she answered. I have always loved packaging and I'm a firm believer that how something is presented sets the tone for the contents inside, good packaging takes the product to that next level and sets it apart.

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