Author: PACKQUEEN   Date Posted:12 March 2021 are one of the many symbolic things we use on most special days. Making a wish on birthdays, adding an extra mood for your date night, giving tributes to someone, on happy days, and even on sad days; candles are present as one of the important elements. It is also one of the most flexible and delicate things we can handle. Its ability to take on any shape, colour and even scent makes it very exciting.


It is safe to say that the candles themselves are customized from the core. It is preferential to the one who makes it to decide which colour to add, how it should look, what shape should it take, how should it smell, and even decide how it will affect the consumers. Considering this much thought placed into creating each piece calls for an extra touch of customization; custom packaging.



There are many ways a custom packaging for your candle can be done, as well as many reasons and benefits of having one.

Customer Attraction- good looks are always a must when it comes to business. Although we abide by the rule of producing a good quality product, it doesn’t mean that first impressions can be neglected. The packaging is what the customers see first the more reason you need a packaging that best represents your brand and catches the eye of customers.

Economical Choice- we offer different ranges of options to make sure you get the most out of what you spend. Paperboards and cardboard boxes are usually cheaper than any other packaging options plus they are easy to print onto. For an even cheaper option, you can simply put labels on your boxes and candle jars.

Secures your candles- even though wax materials harden, candles can be shaved to thin fragments, they can be dented and damaged, or in some cases like candle jars, they might break if not properly packed. Making sure that they fit perfectly in the box is one of the best ways to secure them. Our range of candle boxes varies in size and materials such as cardboard and paperboard. Cardboard boxes are preferable especially these days where you seem to purchase everything online and ship them. They are sturdy and stylish at the same time. Most consumers are also very critical about this these days, they want to understand if the packaging serves other purposes rather than just beauty to it.

Brand Advertisement- there is no question about spending a bit extra if you will choose to have custom packaging but this can hit many (not just two) birds in one stone. Custom packaging; if done right can be a physical advertisement for your brand. A unique packaging look that represents and sets your brand amongst others while providing safety and presentation to your products.


Starting your journey to custom candle packaging

Consistency and creativity are the keys to packaging. Candles are especially expressive products, such products can affect consumers in many ways. The appearance of the eye, the texture it gives when touched, and the scent it gives off trigger different senses affecting the mood of its users. When choosing the right style and design for your packaging, keep in mind what you want your customers to think of and the mood you want them to have as soon as they lay their eyes on your product. This way your product and packaging will become one set that reflects each other. Your customers will feel like your product fits your packaging most and vice versa, and it won’t give off the same perfection if not together. For more tips in creating your custom packaging click here.

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