Time to Upload your Artwork

It's time to put your artistic skills to the test and upload your artwork! Showcase your creativity and bring your vision to life on our range of high-quality products. Our user-friendly upload process ensures a seamless experience from start to finish, so get ready to see your designs come to life on your products.

Printing Specifications

Custom Artwork Portal

Once you have placed your order, it is time to submit your files.
Please see the below FAQ's for help.
If you have any questions, please email us at

We require all artwork to be submitted as a vector based file in one of the following file types:
An EPS (.eps)vector file with fonts outlined
A high resolution vector PDF (.pdf) file with fonts outlined
An Adobe Illustrator (.ai) vector file with fonts outlined

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get further information about the print types?

Digital CMYK Print: Click here to see examples
Screen Print
Off set: Full coverage
Tissue Paper: 20% print repeated logo
Gift Bags: 20% Coverage

Can you print with my JPEG or PNG file?
No, for custom printing we require high resolution vector files to ensure that you get the highest quality print available.

Formats include AI, EPS or High Resolution PDF. If you only have a JPEG file, you can request your graphic designer provide us with a AI, EPS or High Resolution PDF Format or email your JPEG to studio@packqueen.com.au and we will provide you with a quote to convert this artwork into a print ready format.

Can you design artwork for me?

We do not custom design artwork, however, we may be able to assist with converting your logo over to a print
ready format. Please email studio@packqueen.com.au with any questions.

What does "outlined fonts" mean?

Artwork will not load correctly in our system if we do not have the fonts that you have used available. A simple way around this is to outline them in Adoble Illustrator.
This converts them from being a font to being a vector based image which can be opened on any computer. 

Outlining fonts is simple:
Open your file in Adobe Illustrator
Select your text
Go to the "Type" Menu
Click on "Create Outlines"
Save your file (It's helps to save it as a new file in case you want to make any text edits later!)

What style of artwork will print the best?

This will depend on the type of printing that you have chosen, but generally solid shapes or lines, clear text with no shading or gradients will work the best. 
If you are not sure if your artwork will be suitable, please email studio@packqueen.com.au for help.

My artwork is too large to send via email. How can I get it to you?

We recommend using a file transfer service such as Dropbox or Wetransfer, then email us with the link.

Can you print a sample for me prior to me placing an order?

Any samples that we supply will be unprinted, or a generic print so that you can see the quality of the finish. 

We do provide an artwork proof prior to production so that you can sign off on the artwork and it's positioning.