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Product Spotlight - Donut Boxes

Product Spotlight - Donut Boxes - PackQueen

Donuts are the dough confection food choice of friends and colleagues. If you're looking for donut boxes in a range of sizes and colours, you've come to the right place! We have dozens of stock sizes to choose from, and can also custom manufacture to your needs. They're all manufactured in Australia, using heavy duty cardboard and paperboard so you can be sure of the quality and durability of our products. Custom printing options are also available if you want your logo, initials or artwork printed onto your chosen donut box. Just send your design concept to us and we'll get to work! If you want to be absolutely sure that what you have your eye on is exactly what you need, you can order a sample from us. We highly encourage this especially if you're looking into putting in a bulk order with us.

If you're looking for boxes for your deliciously baked donuts, we have a whole range for you to choose from. Whether you're looking for a box for two, four or a dozen donuts, you can be sure we have options for you. All of our products are proudly made in Australia so the quality and durability are more than guaranteed. We have dozens of stock sizes to choose from, and can also custom manufacture to your needs! So, if you have a logo or artwork you want stamped onto your chosen donut boxes, we can definitely do that for you. We have wholesale pricing available online so if you need donut boxes in bulk, you can expect to get a great deal from us. The more you order, the more savings you get! These boxes are packed and shipped out to customers flat but assembling them are very easy. If you want to practice and see the boxes up close, order a sample!

We have donut boxes made with durable cardboard that come in economical colours like kraft brown and white as well as matt black, blue, purple, yellow, green, hot pink and more! We also have premium paperboard boxes in gold, red, silver, pink, baby blue and more in either matt or gloss finishes to make your tasty donuts tastefully packaged and presented.


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