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Chocolate Box Packaging Ideas: Explore Different Chocolate Boxes

Chocolate Box Packaging Ideas: Explore Different Chocolate Boxes - PackQueen

Chocolate lovers rejoice! Discover creative ways to package gourmet chocolate gifts. We'll explore unique box designs and packaging techniques to showcase your decadent treats. Learn how to add a special touch with custom chocolate boxes.

Chocolate. We all love it. There are chocolates that come in every shape and size- from tiny children's candies to fountains of chocolate to life-size statues made of chocolate. Chocolate is a confection that is unlike any other, particularly in the way that it has taken over the world.

From its roots in pre-Columbian America to its spread through Europe and then throughout the entire world, chocolate is one food, candy, and beverage that is almost universally adored.

When it's time to transport chocolate many manufacturers run into a serious problem. Chocolate melts, gets sticky, and then spreads everywhere. Some confectioners are better at solving this problem than others. For example, M&Ms are designed to melt in your mouth, not in your hand.

But as chocolate makers, we have to deal with the fact that people are coming into our shops, or ordering our chocolate online, and then traveling home. It's our job to get them out of the store and to their home with their wonderful treats still in the same pristine condition that they were purchased in.

What Type of Packaging is Used For Chocolate?

At PackQueen, we have many different types of chocolate packaging to suit any situation. Whether you're trying to package and transport homemade chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate-covered berries, chocolate bark, creme-filled chocolates- any kind of chocolate- we have chocolate packaging design ideas for you.

Packaging ideas for chocolate start with something as simple as the traditional chocolate gift box. These are sturdy boxes that are designed to perfectly fit the standard 1x1 chocolate-covered caramel or chocolate cherry. Our boxes can fit between two and 24 items. This wide range of sizes ensures that we've got your sweet shop covered.

These boxes come with separators, so that the chocolates don't touch each other and squish or melt together. Each box can come with a card lid that will keep them safely out of sight, or a clear lid that shows off how beautiful your chocolate creations are. Let your customers pick their preference of how they want to show off this gift of cocoa bliss to their loved one.

These chocolate boxes come in a variety of colors, which can be used to accentuate the chocolates within (imagine putting all white chocolates in a gloss black box), or they can be used to promote your brand. For example, you could be the chocolate confectioners who are known for Kraft Brown boxes, giving your boutique a homespun feel. Or choose something that looks more professional, but is still just as good for homemade chocolate packaging ideas.

How Do You Package Chocolate as a Gift?

For something a little different, try the clever Clear 2 or 4 Chocolate & Sweet Box - One Piece Bifold. These adorable little boxes will keep your chocolate perfectly and beautifully presentable for the best gifting experience for all involved.

Or go for something imaginative with the Custom Full Colour Printed 4 Pack, which can be customized with any graphic design. This option is perfect to promote your chocolate company and make you stand out from the crowd. When someone gets chocolates from your shop with your uniquely labeled packaging, they'll know they can expect high quality.

Whether the gift recipient sees your gorgeous chocolate candies through a clear plastic top or slides the long row of chocolates out of a smooth gloss box, they'll be thrilled at the presentation and chocolates within.

Let your wrapping ideas go wild. Use wrapping paper to either neatly envelope the box, or to wrap it up with a bow and ribbon. Gift wrapping a beautiful box makes it extra special. Perhaps a plastic sheet to wrap up a 4-piece gloss black box, or a piece of parchment paper to seal your chocolate bars in a Kraft Paper box. Whatever you do, your company and your chocolate brand will stand out from the crowd.

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