How to Create a Varied Product Range Using Boxes

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It’s one of the perks of modern living: we’re spoiled for choices. You go out to get crackers and you find a hundred options from plain, water, cheese thin, sesame, pepper, soda crackers and more! As a business owner, how do you show your consumers the variety of products you have for them and how can you make it easier for them to make their choices? It’s only by creating a streamlined range of products in your catalogue. Why is packaging important? Packaging can help a gre... continue reading

Product Spotlight – Hat Boxes

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Hats are used, nowadays, more for aesthetics than function or convenience. Some people simply feel that they look better wearing a hat while others wear hats because they need to for work and some need hats on a regular basis. Headgear can help complete an outfit and give off an air of importance, class and style. Some hats nowadays can cause an arm or a leg, especially the custom-made ones so they need to be cared for properly whether they’re being put in storage or taken along in travels. Big fashion and social events require headwear like fascinators and delicate little hats, big events like the upcoming Spring Racing Carnival and the Melbourne Cup. Don’t get lost in the fray by missing out on eye-catching fashion statements and let ... continue reading

Customer Spotlight - Swish Biscuits

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We discovered a little gem of a bakery in Ngunnawal in ACT and got in touch with chief baker Shalini Nelson to find out everything about the business so we can introduce them to you! We first asked Shalini how the business got its start and she had this to say: “My business is Swish Biscuits and I create beautiful personalised biscuits for a variety of events. I also teach baking enthusiasts around the world amazing decorating techniques through an online membership website. I’ve been decorating for over ten years but only started business officially this year in March.” “What I love most is that a beautiful biscuit can be transformed into more than just something sweet,” she replied when asked what her favorite thing is about the business, “but... continue reading

Customer Spotlight - SugarLily Cakes and Confectionery

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There’s a little sweetheart of a bespoke cake company in Elanora, QLD called SugarLily Cakes and Confectionery . We recently got in touch with head baker and owner Kerry Neve to find out more about the success story that is SugarLily Cakes and Confectionery . We first asked Kerry how the business came about. “We specialise in fondant-covered cakes and offering a range of sweet treats for special celebrations,” she began. “I started the business in 2012 when I decided to take a leap of faith and turn my hobby and passion into a full-time career.” &nbs... continue reading

The Power of Font: Does Your Typeface Reflect Who You Are?

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No font is ever more popular than that used in the movie title for Avatar. US comedy skit show Saturday Night Live (SNL) even created a skit with Ryan Gosling making fun of the unimaginative typeface they chose to use for such a big blockbuster movie. As with colours, there’s psychology to the use of fonts in business. Typefaces have an influence on the moods of your audience and help convey your message more effectively, albeit sublimely. As business owners, we have to be aware that our customers and everyone else who looks at our marketing materials. We can use this to our advantage as well. Done right and done cleverly, fonts can be used to the business’ advantage. In case you’re wondering which font to use for your business, here... continue reading

Product Spotlight – Boxboards

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If you’re in the business of creating and shipping out artworks to customers from all over or if you just want to make sure important documents are kept safe from becoming bent or folded during shipping and handling, have no fear. You can now purchase boxboards from PACKQUEEN . We have ... continue reading

Customer Spotlight - Neisha Breen Creative

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We recently met Neisha Breen and we were introduced to her passion projects/businesses in Lilydale, VIC called Neisha Breen Creative and Sugar Harvest Chocolates . We started by asking her to give us a background on herself and everything that she’s got going on, how it all started and where it’s all headed. “I have a painted chocolate truffle business that I started years ago,” she began in response. “I create custom-made wedding favours by hand painting the chocolates with cocoa butter. I also do photography on the side, which is a new hobby of mine that I’d like to pursue further.” We probed Neisha on what her favorite thing is... continue reading

10 Reasons to Choose Local Packaging and Print Manufacturers

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It’s more than local pride. Choosing local packaging and print manufacturers over those that outsource their manufacturing and printing give you more dividends than expected. Here are ten of those: 1) It Keeps Jobs in Your Community The greater the number of homegrown businesses in your community the more prosperous it can become. It’s no secret that any town that embraces entrepreneurship helps to create more local jobs. A prosperous local business can also afford its employees a great quality of life with better wages and benefits any of the major chains are willing to provide. Choosing local also increases the possibilities for those within the community to enhance their skillsets and the prospects as a d... continue reading

Customer Spotlight – Homedrawn

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Ever consider giving out custom-made pieces of artwork as gifts to friends and loved ones? Whether it’s for gift giving or updating your home with one-of-a-kind works of art, take a look up Homedrawn Studios in Coledale, NSW. Homedrawn Studio creates bespoke illustrations and designs for a range of multi-disciplinary experiences both online, retail and in the digital sector. A graduate of Design Centre Enmore with studies in Design & Visual Communications, Christina began her career as an intern at Real Living Magazine. Ever since 2015 she has continued to draw inspiration from Interiors, Fashion, Beauty and lifestyle driving brand awareness, engagement and direction through illustrations. ... continue reading

Speed up Your Dispatch Time

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With the holidays and peak season for businesses everywhere just around the corner, it’s important to be able to manage your dispatch times to keep up with customers’ expectations and maintain sensible delivery dates. It’s important to make little changes that can help improve the workflow and cut down on unnecessary tasks. Here are some tips you can consider implementing to speed up your dispatch time: 1. Stock Up Noth... continue reading

Product Spotlight – Postage Boxes

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Postage boxes need to be durable, able to hold their shape for as long as possible while the whole time protecting their contents through shipping and handling. Whether you’re shipping sold goods or family heirlooms and mementos, it pays to use actual postage boxes as opposed to using makeshift ones. Set your business apart from the rest of the... continue reading

Customer Spotlight - Boutique Bakes

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There’s a little bakery in Sunshine West, VIC that creates lovely little dessert things that not only look beautiful but are also delicious. If you’re in and around the area, check out @boutiquebakesau . They just might be what you’re looking for. We reached out to head baker and owner Natalie Petrovski to find out more tasty bits about Boutique Bakes . PACKQUEEN : Can you tell us a little bit more about the business like what you do, how it all started and how long the business has been around? Natalie Petrovski: At Boutique Bakes , we provide bespoke, modern and... continue reading