101: Eco-Friendly Packaging

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Eco-friendly packaging solutions are abundant today. Turn to sustainable products for your packaging, save money and help the health of our environment. This article explains the ins and outs of recyclable packaging and what you can do to make the switch. Have you realised that purchasing products with expensive plastic non-recyclable packaging just adds to your trash? Most of these products are packaged in either plastic, paper, styrofoam, carton box, and other supplies that are not re-useable. Traditional chemical-based plastic has been the choice of many producers and manufacturers for a very long time. They make each item presentable and keep the product safe from damage. One thing about packaging is that it plays an important role as a medium... continue reading

3 Reasons You’ll Love Our New Laydown Macaroon & Chocolate boxes

Packqueen has just released new items as part our food packaging collection, giving bakeries, cake shops, and home bakers more options for their yummy treats. We’re excited about them, and you probably will too. Here are 3 reasons you’ll also love our new laydown macaroon and chocolate boxes : 1. Double-Duty Boxes M ade of high quality, food-grade 285gsm paperboard, our new boxes are perfect not only for scrumptious ... continue reading

3 Unique Ways of Showcasing Awesomely Decorated Cupcakes

You’ve spent hours decorating each cupcake to perfection. Now you’re wondering how you could transport, present, or ship them out. You can always go the traditional route and choose cupcake boxes that come in single, double, half-dozen, and dozen cupcake slots (usually with inserts included), but if you’re looking for unique cupcake packaging solutions, check these three ideas out: 1. Bite-Sized Cupcakes for Kids . When creating party favors for kids, tiny cupcakes are always a win. Bite-sized cupcakes are not ... continue reading

4 Practical Food Packaging Tips to make your Customers Happy

When it comes to your food business, how you package your products is just as important as how good they taste. Food packaging is part of any business’ marketing efforts, but finding balance between good product branding and choosing the type of packaging your customers will love can be tricky to achieve. Here are four practical tips you can incorporate with your product's food packaging : 1) Make Boxes Reusable – It’s easy to get carried away with decorating a cake box with your logo. We enc... continue reading

5 Ways Your Business can compete with Bigger Companies

There are over 2 million small businesses in Australia, employing more than 5 million people. Competition is part of any healthy economy, but business owners have a reason to worry when their locally-made clothes are slowly being overlooked in favor of foreign fashion chains, or community grocers, butchers, or dairy shops closing their doors after being unable to compete with supermarket giants like Coles and Woolworths. For those who continue to provide products and services despite big companies threatening to overpower their markets, we salute you. We at PackQueen understand how it can be disheartening to lose sales or customers, but there’s no reason to give up just yet. Here are 5 ways your business can compete with bigger companies: 1. Don’t compete. Co-exis... continue reading

7 Creative Ways to Use Pizza Boxes

1) Other food (except pizza) Surprise your friends at a party or event whe n you show up with a pizza box that contains other food rather than pizza. Some yummy-looking examples of this are: Pizza-size Cookie Oversized tarts One-layer cakes ... continue reading

7 Ways to Add a Christmas Feel to your Packaging

With Christmas just around the corner, we here at PACKQUEEN are beaming with excitement for the holidays. For our lovely clients who are prepping for the upcoming busy season, we’ve got 7 tips on how to infuse Christmas spirit into your product packaging. 1) Choose seasonal gift wrappers. One of the most inexpensive ways to bring a seasonal vibe to your product’s packaging is to switch to Christmas colors. Choose between gold, silver, red and green gift wrappers , whicheve... continue reading

Brights-inspired eco food packaging

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It's undeniable , eco packaging for food products is a massive trend. This week it's all over google, the rage in leading gourmet stores and plastered all over pinterest boards. And somehow, it's this packaging trend that makes food look that little bit more delicious! The good thing about eco packaging is that you don't need a lot to make your product fit within the context. At PACKQUEEN these past couple of weeks, we've launched a brand new range of macaron and ... continue reading

DIY Wedding Invitations & Boxes

Looking for a cost-effective solution for your wedding Invitations? Well DIY is not just for hardware stores! Have you thought about doing your wedding invitations DIY? There are hundreds of DIY wedding invitation kits available online and with a little bit of time and creativity you can produce something unique to invite your guests to your special day. Things to consider: Check the cost of posting your invitations before you design them . If you are on a budget you may find that sending out your invites could be more expensive than you think! Do your research with Australia Post or a courier as it’s far cheaper to send something that is a standard size… It’s also much cheaper to use wedding invitation envelopes or boxes that are a standard size and design your invitations around that. Research your design See what other people are doing with their wedding invitat... continue reading

Gift Wrapping Ideas 2017

Are you always stuck for interesting ways to gift wrap your products for your customers? With a little creativity, the way the gift is wrapped can be just as memorable as the gift itself! PACKQUEEN love wrapping presents and have had a little crafty fun and put together wrap ideas using our ever popular Slim Line C6 Gift Box as the star of the show. Take your gift wrapping to the next level with these cool themes that won’t break the bank: Sequins dress anything up! We found some sequin printed paper, but many variety or haberdashery stores will also sell sequin ribbon by the metre – Match it with some sleek black satin ribbon to class it up! The more bling the better we say… and what... continue reading

How to Gift Wrap: 101

Not sure how to wrap gifts? Our easy guide will take the hassle out of gift wrapping for you! Make sure you have plenty of space! There’s nothing worse than fighting with a roll of paper and sticky tape, it’s almost guaranteed to end in frustration! Wrapping on a flat surface will help you to get crisp folds and avoid wrinkles. If the object is an unusual shape, it helps to find a box to put it into, then you can gift wrap the box Having your tape in a dispenser nearby will help during those times when you feel like you need an extra hand! Unroll a portion of wrapping paper and place your gift on it so that you can measure exactly how much paper you need. Add a few centimetres and then cut the paper with sharp scissors so that you get a crisp edge. Once the paper is cut to the right size, place your gift on to the wrapping paper. Fold the paper over the top... continue reading

Macaron Box Inspiration

Macaron Box Inspiration Blog Post You might be surprised to know that the Macaron cookie originated from Italy in the early 1500’s. Chef Catherine de Medicis was married to Duc d'Orleans who later on became the king of France as Henry II, which resulted in the recipe travelling over to France. By the time the 20 th century hit, the macaron was tweaked to include a double cookie with chocolate panache that sat between the two cookies to stick them together. This was thanks to Pierre Desfontaines the grandson of Louis Ernest Ladure. The French macaron has remained the best selling cookie in pastry stores since the 20 th century. Laduree Paris is now setting the international standard. Now that you know a brief history about the Macaron, you are ready to box up y... continue reading