Customer Spotlight – Tam’s Hand Made

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If you’re a fan of handmade and healthful bath and body care products, you’ll be happy to hear about Tam’s Hand Made in Mandurah. We got in touch with owner Tamara to find out more about the business and where PACKQUEEN fits in the company. We started the conversation by asking her about how the company had its start. “I started my Bath & Body business in local markets 10 years ago,” she began, “and slowly over the last 8 years grew to be in our 75 sqm bricks-and-mortar shop at Dolphin Quay in Mandurah Western Australia.” Their website shows a lot of beautifully-coloured bath bombs, some looking good enough to be eaten. They also use healthful, all-natural ingredients b... continue reading

Why the Packaging Movement Is Leading Towards Personalisation and Custom Gifting Options

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Gifting is a tradition that has been around for centuries. Many moons ago, those who wanted to show their appreciation, reward someone or make a gesture that could lead to a more prosperous future had to be creative and tap into the resources available to them and hope that the end result was a positive response. Gifting was brought to new heights in the 20 th century, with consumerism and brands dictating how we let those at the top of our gifting lists know that we wanted to impress and delight them. However, too much of a good thing inevitably leads to fatigue. Enter the packaging movement, which has come as a breath of fresh air - simultaneously revitalizing custom gifting and encouraging shoppers to engage with a more personalised approach. ... continue reading

Product Spotlight – Cookie Boxes

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There was a time when cookies were nothing more than dessert treats and accompaniment for tea or coffee where they were most commonly round and mainly plain. In recent years, cookies have turned into works of art with decorations made with chocolate chips, raisins, icing, marzipan, marshmallows, candy-covered chocolate buttons, sprinkles and just about every delicious topping known to man. Not only that, but cookies have also evolved into the gift of choice for a lot of people and a treasured giveaway for any occasion. Given the care and attention to detail that goes into creating these delectable goodies, cookies call for boxes and presentation that’s equally pleasing to the eye. Serious bakers need serious cookie boxes that are made with safe, food-grade materials to make sure your c... continue reading

Industry Spotlight – Handmade Gifts

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In recent years, those who are craftier and more creative of us have been using their artistic capabilities in creating one-of-a-kind gift items for their friends and loved ones. Some do it to save money while some prefer to create their own gifts in a bid to end – or at least minimize – consumerism. However, for some of us, handmade gifts are just more meaningful, heartfelt and precious. One thing a gift maker cannot scrimp on, though, is packaging. No matter what the gift item is made out of, it will still have to be wrapped beautifully and handed over with extra care. The packaging theme you choose can also set the tone for the handmade giftyou’re giving away. If you’re selling handmade gift items, presentation is k... continue reading

Rebranding for the New Year

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If you’ve been thinking about relaunching your brand with a fresh new look, the new year is the best time for it. A new year is a chance to start anew, to get rid of the things that are not working for your business and to make better anything that is working and helping your business grow. Rebranding is no joke and it needs a lot of careful planning to execute but it’s not impossible. Here, we a timeline that you can follow, or at least get an idea from, in rebranding your business for the new year ahead. September The Brainstorming Month ... continue reading

Customer Spotlight – Verlena Cakes

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There is a little bakery whose tagline is: “Where art meets cake”. A look at their Instagram profile @verlenacakes shows that their creations are exactly that: baked artwork that looks too good to be eaten. They create dessert confections that double as works of art for just about every occasion. We got in touch with head baker Tahnee Upton to find out how Verlena Cakes got its start and what role PACKQUEEN ’s boxes play in their day-to-day operations. First, we delve into Verlena Cakes ’ history and how it all came to be. “ Verlena Cakes has been around for approximately... continue reading

Gift Ideas for a New Year’s Party

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There was a time when New Year’s was the gift-giving day to make welcoming the new year all the luckier. The tradition of giving gifts, along with wishes for good health, wealth and a prosperous year ahead dates back to the time when the Romans and Celts gave away branches of olives and mistletoe, the sacred plant, to the Medieval and Victorian gifts which mainly involved sweets, gold, and jewels. The tradition may have evolved a bit but the spirit is still the same: sending loved ones off to the new year with your best wishes and love. Here are some gift ideas you can explore to ring in the new year with: Drinks ... continue reading

Product Spotlight - Ready to Go Postage Boxes

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Sometimes you have to take something from the store to the post or maybe you just want something more durable for the gift items at your store. Finding the perfect box with the right mix of beauty and strength is never easy. A great postage box should ideally be strong enough to withstand the rigors of shipping and handling and still keep its shape. It should be durable enough to keep its contents protected until they’re ready to be unboxed. Another quality of a good postage box is that it’s easy to assemble. No additional tools needed at all. You should be able to get it ready to be used in no time at all. Lastly, it should be self-lock... continue reading

Industry Spotlight – Artwork

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Your artwork is precious and priceless. Whether you’re creating art to sell or for your personal collection, they still require a lot of care and looking after because of all the time, sweat and effort you’ve put into them. That’s why packing them up whether for storage or to be shipped is a momentous task. You need to make sure your artwork is kept safe from damage and debris through shipping and handling. That’s where packaging comes in. In recent years, packaging has been playing a big role in the transport of artwork. Regardless of value or who the artist is, more and more people are paying closer attention to how they prepare artworks for shipping in respect to all the work that goes into creating the masterpieces. Of course, you can use more affordable options like old newspapers, magazines and tra... continue reading

Four Tricks You Can Use to Ensure Your Cake Arrives in Perfect Condition

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Cakes are often provided for special occasions, such as weddings or birthdays. So the cake arriving damaged, especially if beyond repair, can be a disaster and really ruin the event. Your package will go through numerous pairs of hands during its journey, and there’s no guarantee that it will be handled with great care. This can easily result in harm so, to ensure this does not happen, you can take various precautions that will reduce the chances of any damage occurring. 1. Prepare the Cake Light and fluffy cakes are more prone to damage so, whenever possible, choose a cake with... continue reading

Customer Spotlight – Clover & Co

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If you’re tired of the same gift items for babies, children and, well, yourself, we’d like to introduce you to an adorable little online shop in Inverell, NSW called Clover & Co . They sell everything from accessories for babies, toys and books for children. They also have homeware, coffee table books and accessories for mom along with bags and more! So, how did their little business venture get their start? We talked to Bec Devlin to find out. “A little over 3 years ago Clover & Co Home was started around the dining room table,” Bec began. “We are sisters-in-law who both had young babies at the time and recognised that our town ne... continue reading

10 Creative Ways to Build Your Christmas Hamper

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Very few things can make Christmas merry more than receiving a full-packed Christmas hamper. Not only is it filled with goodies but it’s sometimes filled with goodies especially put together just for the recipient. What can be more special than that? It’s understandable that we, most often than not, just want to get the gift-giving over and done with that we make do with pre-made hampers. However, nothing shows you appreciate your friends and loved ones and know them well more than a handmade Christmas hamper. If this is something you’re thinking of doing, read on. This article is just for you because we’ll be going over the creative ways to build your Christmas hamper. ... continue reading