Packaging Solutions for Startups


Starting a new business is exciting. You’ve had this dream for a long time, and you want to see it succeed.

Every startup has its own set of challenges, like figuring out how to keep your expenses low in the early stages of the business. It can be tempting – especially when you’re excited to ‘open the doors’, so to speak – to rush into certain decisions just to get things going.

We understand the thrill of building a startup, but hasty decisions can lead to extra costs you don’t need during this critical stage. That’s why we offer affordable packaging solutions to startups that need stock boxes or custom shipping supplies. 


What Are Common Packaging Solutions for Startups?

You should already have an idea of your sales projections and estimated shipping costs. The cost of packaging, however, is something many startups overlook in their business plan. 

Fortunately, there are different approaches to selling physical products online.

●      Stock shipping boxes: If you anticipate that you’ll be selling a lot of products per order, stock shipping boxes might be a simple option that works for your business. Stock boxes are also a solid choice if you sell one type of product and there are already common box sizes that work.

●      Custom packaging solutions: Sometimes you might sell products that require a more comprehensive approach to shipping. Custom packaging is the right choice if your products don’t work with standard packaging solutions, but it can be expensive for startups.

●      Hybrid combination: A common approach is to use both methods to find the right balance in costs and features. This might include using stock shipping boxes but purchasing custom shipping supplies, like stickers or address labels, that can help boost brand awareness.

The right solution for your startup will depend on your final product research. You want to order shipping supplies as the last step before launching your business.


How Can PACKQUEEN Help Startups with Their Shipping Supplies?

PACKQUEEN’s mission is to offer shipping solutions for business at all stages of growth, including startups. Our niche focus gives us an expert approach to shipping supplies.

Expert Packaging and Shipping Advice 

We can provide guidance in the early stages of your business that is critical to optimising your shipping expenses. We recommend keeping your shipping costs low in the beginning.

Extensive Catalogue of Shipping Supplies

We have thousands of shipping options, from stock boxes in all sizes and designs to unique shipping supplies, like plastic boxes, and food packaging options that protect your product.

Choosing the Right Packaging Solutions for Startups

Purchasing packaging solutions too soon can leave you with boxes that won’t work and costs that you can’t recover. That’s why you want to work with PACKQUEEN. 

We’ll work with you to ensure you get the right packaging solutions for your startup and keep your costs low. We’ll even help you choose shipping supplies that are sustainable if that’s what you want.


Start shopping for packaging solutions with PACKQUEEN today.