Author: PACKQUEEN   Date Posted:10 September 2020 

There is a reason why top brands choose to have their logos done in particular colours. Psychology exists behind branding and marketing in relation to the colours you choose. Various hues stir memories and emotions in consumers that draw them to certain labels so choosing the right colour helps in drawing customers to you and marketing your brand effectively.

Colours can have a psychological effect on customers, sending subliminal messages to their brain. Researches have shown that up to 90% of impulse buys can be based on the colour alone, depending on the product. Other studies show that the relationship between business and colour depends on the perceived appropriateness of the colour used.

For example, there’s a reason why a majority of restaurants choose red or any other variation of the colour for their branding. Red is known to create a sense of urgency, encourage appetite as well as raise the blood pressure associated with passion and excitement.

Blue does the opposite where appetite is concerned while also promoting trust, productivity and a sense of security.

Green is often used to relax the senses and promoting environmental causes.

Purple is often associated with royalty and luxury which is why it’s most often used in beauty and anti-aging products.

Orange & Yellow promote optimism and positivity.

Black is most often associated with power, authority and strength that’s why a lot of high-end brands choose this colour.

White promotes cleanliness, purity and serenity. It also helps spark creativity as it reminds the brain of a blank canvass, ready for a burst of imagination and ingenuity.

If you’re having problems coming up with colours for your brand, take a look at your company mission and vision as well as what your products were made for. Then, research on colour association and you’re bound to come up with a scheme that not only matches your brand identity well, it also encourages consumers to purchase.



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