Melbourne Cookie Co.


When it comes to cookies, the possibilities are endless. We've all had memorable moments with warm, perfectly baked cookies, whether it’s at a birthday party or a trip to the store with grandma. You can find them in any shape, size, and even colour. Give them out as gifts or as thank-you tokens, or just enjoy them yourself.

The Melbourne Cookie Co., a proudly Australian company, works to bring you cookies that are not only delicious but also memorable with customised designs that fit any occasion.

Cookies evoke memories, and equally as memorable as the cookies themselves are the boxes that they come in. The Melbourne Cookie Co. teamed up with PACKQUEEN to showcase and deliver cookies in custom postage boxes. Like the cookies themselves which can be customised accordingly, the way they are packaged reflects a unique story with every box waiting to be opened.

We know that the way food is packaged can make or break a deal. That's why we work tirelessly to bring you packaging solutions that are simple, functional, and attractive without taking away from the contents themselves.

The boxes that the cookies from Melbourne Cookie Co. come in serve to complement and highlight the cookies themselves. Their packaging is specifically designed to be simple and practical, no more, no less, to better emphasize the unmatched quality and artistry of their delicious products.

Make any event extra special with the Melbourne Cookie Co.’s beautifully-packaged freshly-baked cookies, and any product perfectly packaged with PACKQUEEN.