To use gift bags or not to use gift bags, that is the question? We love gift bags and love putting our gift boxes in them. Branding the gift bags is easy with our custom labels service.

For packages to be given out in person, gift bags are the best alternative to our traditional gift boxes. Gift bags come in plastic and paper materials.

PACKQUEEN has a wide range of gift bags in different sizes, shapes, solid colors and printed designs to fit your branding and needs. Some gift bags are available without handles, while the rest feature plastic or kraft paper handles. For an organic and natural look, check out our wide range of kraft gift bags. If you're interested in showcasing products with these bags, we also have gift bags designed with see-through windows. 

 If you're in need of bulk packaging products, PACKQUEEN offers gift bags wholesale prices. Visit our website and check out our high quality, gift packaging products.  


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