Author: PACKQUEEN   Date Posted:26 March 2020 

When it comes to your food business, how you package your products is just as important as how good they taste.

Food packaging is part of any business’ marketing efforts, but finding balance between good product branding and choosing the type of packaging your customers will love can be tricky to achieve.
Here are four practical tips you can incorporate with your product's food packaging:
1) Make Boxes Reusable – It’s easy to get carried away with decorating a cake box with your logo. We encourage you to take advantage of ‘advertising space’ on your chosen food packaging, but if you want to win over your customers, find a solution that could make the boxes or hampers reusable after finishing up the cake, cupcakes, or other treats.
A win-win example of this is a box color-coordinated to your brand’s theme, paired with a business card for future orders.  You can tie the note while putting ribbons around a box.
Cake boxes can often be re-used because cake liners and boards separate the cake from the box.
2) Add resealable bags – To prolong the life of your products, a resealable bag serves its purpose perfectly. These bags are made with food-grade, 37 micron plastic and feature a peal and seal strip to protect food from water, air and dirt. Some even use these bags as main packaging, then add pizzazz with ribbons, twine, or other décor.
3) Choose easy-to-carry packaging – Every time a customer buys a product from you, whether from an actual shop or online, provide them with a convenient solution for transporting goods.
A great example of this are pail boxes (or commonly called noodle boxes), which come with its own wire handle. For those who like an all-cardboard packaging, carry packs are made with sturdy board and die-cut handle at the top of the box.
4) Provide a variety of sizes – When it comes to food, large packaging isn’t always the best. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming if customers won’t eat all the contents in time. You can check out three standard sizes of boxes or bags – in small, medium, and large – and stick with them. To give you an idea, check out the multiple options of macaroon boxes available on our store. Considering your client’s needs is a good way to show them you care beyond making sales. 

Your delicious food products are the main reason why clients return for more orders, but making them feel extra special with packaging that have obviously been given additional thought is what makes loyal customers. 

If you need help in designing, choosing, or customizing food packaging boxes, bags, or hampers for your products, our passionate PACKQUEEN foodie-at-heart team will be glad to accommodate your inquiries. Feel free to e-mail, chat, or call us anytime!





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