What comes to your mind when you think of chestnuts? The image of “chestnuts roasting on an open fire” may belong to the holiday season, but this humble nut has more to it than meets the eye.

Packed with nutrients, chestnuts have a high fibre content that aids in digestion. They’re also packed with complex carbs that can give you energy throughout the day.

This makes it no surprise that chestnuts are in popular demand in the food service industry. While eating chestnuts can take a lot of time, you can enjoy this nutritious treat already peeled and frozen, ready to be heated up for an easy snack. There's no need to spend much of your time peeling and sorting chestnuts when they’re easily prepped to be served.

Cheznuts brings you the goodness of Australian chestnuts in convenient, attractive packaging that’s sure to catch your eye. Get to enjoy the goodness of chestnuts in its many forms, from fresh Marrons glacés in cute boxed packs to vacuum-packed chestnuts.

By partnering with PACKQUEEN for their postage boxes, chocolate boxes, and gift bags, Cheznuts, another proudly Australian company, is able to shed a new light on the humble chestnut. They believe that the right packaging can further enhance an already well-loved product, and we provided the solution.

A package isn’t just a package, either—it can also be an educational tool. Cheznuts saw this opportunity and further made use of their packaging to share chestnut recipes and nutritional information, combining function and aesthetic.