Founded in 1916 in Munich, Germany, BMW has since been known for its line of luxury vehicles, ranging from sedans to electric cars. It is a well-loved brand all over the world with its own loyal following. A BMW brings to mind sophisticated, high-performance vehicles that set the bar high, and its brand is synonymous with quality and craftsmanship. It is also a witness to history and the changes that came with it.

BMW didn’t always manufacture the cars that we know and love today. The company actually began by manufacturing aircraft engines, as well as railway brakes, heavy equipment, and even household items. At that time, World War I made it difficult for the company to find their niche, but the world has been able to see more and more of BMW’s cars ever since the Treaty of Versailles.

When it comes to BMW, we unbox luxury. They worked with us at PACKQUEEN to create gift bagsgift boxes, and postage boxes used to show their loyal clients their appreciation for their trust. Each unboxing is an opportunity to create wonderful memories, and for brands such as BMW, it is one way to show their gratitude to clients who have stayed with them for years as well as to clients who have only started to find out the greatness that is BMW.

Each of their packages tells a story, and each unboxing shares the history of BMW and the journey they undertook to be where they are today.