Black Star Pastry


Have you heard about the world’s most Instagrammable cake?

Layered with almond dacquoise, cream, and watermelon, this cake is finished with a generous topping of strawberries, pistachios, and dried rose petals. It’s the ultimate embodiment of romance, and each bite is a sweet, long-lasting memory.

If you’ve heard of Black Star Pastry, chances are you’ve seen—and maybe even had a taste of—their signature Strawberry Watermelon Cake. Originally developed for a wedding, this cake took the world by storm, garnering a global following and making it a testament to Black Star Pastry’s artistry and expertise in the field.

Black Star Pastry started in 2008 in Sydney, and has since continued to delight the country with cakes that are a feast for the senses. Aside from the Strawberry Watermelon Cake, they also have iconic cakes such as the Raspberry Lychee Cake, the Orange Cake with Persian Figs, as well as the Black Sesame and Yuzu Cake, all of which make use of interesting flavour combinations.

Cakes and pastries need to be handled with care, and packaged in a manner that adds to their value in a perfect blend of utility and design. Since working with PACKQUEEN for their macaron boxes, Black Star Pastry has brought countless of pastries to many Australian households over the years. Each carefully packaged treat is a unique work of art. With PACKQUEEN's packaging solutions, a pastry box isn’t just a mere box. It holds inside it a story waiting to unfold in every bite.