Founded in 1997, PwC, short for PricewaterhouseCoopers, provides high-quality consulting, audit, assurance and tax services. They work with businesses, non-profit organisations and communities around the globe. PwC is one of the largest professional services firm in the world. It is also part of the Big Four – the most prestigious accounting firms in the world. In Australia, the firm tops LinkedIn’s list of companies where Australians prefer to work.

Knowing that, you can probably imagine how exciting it was when PwC requested for our services. The company was looking for packaging solutions for a company function. PACKQUEEN offers a wide range of gift bags, cardboard boxes, food packaging and plastic boxes. However, PwC had already something in mind when they approached us. They wanted wholesale gift boxes, custom tissue paper printing and custom labels.

Making It Exclusive

Business functions are a great place to take all your marketing endeavours to a whole new level. It will probably be easier if you stuff all promotional bundles into plain cardboard gift boxes—but that’s no fun at all. Why not share your brand’s story through your packaging?

Much like PwC, you can see business functions as opportunities to express your creativity and turn your product packaging into something your audience will never forget. The best way to do this is to customise the packaging boxes of your giveaways. For their function, PwC asked us to create custom tissue papers. We also customised their labels for them. Aside from adding an extra layer of protection to your promotional items, these add-ons up the value of your brand.

Sprucing up your packaging will make recipients feel valued and appreciated. Although you can be a little extra with the gift boxes, it’s always important to stay on brand. This was so important to PwC, so we were really happy when they loved the packaging boxes we made.

Leaving a Strong Impression

Whether you use plain kraft cardboard gift boxes or intricately decorated white gift boxes, your goal is to leave a strong impression. If you do so, you will be able to generate some buzz online when your audience shares your promotional giveaways on social media. You can encourage your audience to share their gift boxes online using the custom hashtags. Instead of printing your logo or slogan on the package, you can add a custom hashtag. Ultimately, this depends on your marketing goals. You may add whatever branding message you need to share.

Tissue paper printing might make your gift boxes look extra special. But it offers several other marketing opportunities. That’s why it’s important to find a trusted packaging company who can be with you every step of the way. Here at PACKQUEEN, we can help you maximise the value of your packages.

Are you looking for high-quality wholesale gift boxes that fit your budget? PACKQUEEN has everything from cardboard boxes and white gift boxes to transparent pillow packs. Contact us now to find the best packaging solutions for all your marketing needs.