Founded in 1869, the North Melbourne Football Club, also known as the Kangaroos, is the fourth oldest team in the Australian Football League. It’s also one of the oldest sporting clubs in the world. Lucky athletes given the honour of playing in the royal blue and white uniform are called Shinboners, a term dating back to the 19th century. The club lives by the motto, “Victory demands dedication.”

Show Some Gratitude

The sports industry is one of the biggest in the world. Even professional teams like the North Melbourne Football Club will need some impressive marketing moves to keep everyone pumped up. But when the Kangaroos requested PACKQUEEN’s assistance for an event, they had a special audience in mind—their players. They were going to have an award ceremony, where they present gift boxes to their players to thank them for their hard work.

Company events and team gatherings are special, so why not give back to the people who do so much to carry the brand name?

PACKQUEEN has everything that one might need for custom packaging boxes and gift boxes. We offer a vast selection of packaging solutions, from plain kraft cardboard gift boxes to quirky clear plastic gift boxes. We also offer high-quality affordable wholesale gift boxes. North Melbourne had a simple request, but they wanted it done immediately. As always, we did our jobs and delivered our client’s request in record time.

Gain Some Loyalty

Many companies opt to pack their gift bundles inside packaging boxes like kraft cardboard boxes and send them through the mail—but that is too impersonal. If you want to show your team that their efforts matter to you, reward them with a gift box at the next company event. Using simple white gift boxes with little custom details like tissue paper printing or a custom logo, you can thank them more personally for a job well done.

No matter what you give to your team members, the key is to take it up a notch. Even a small gift can be memorable and special when you personalise your packaging. You don’t always have to invest in fancy gift boxes like clear plastic pillow packs, either. You can go with white gift boxes, and add simple touches to enhance their value. If you’re on a budget, look into wholesale gift boxes, which should be affordable and high-quality.

Here at PACKQUEEN, we offer a wide variety of budget-friendly choices to fit the different needs of brands across Australia. From plain cardboard boxes to laminated gift bags, we can deliver anything you need without sacrificing the quality of our products. We also take customisation to a whole new level with special services such as tissue paper printing. With our help, you can add a logo, slogan, or any branding material on your packaging to add value to your brand, as well as your giveaways.

To spruce up plain cardboard gift boxes and other gift bags, contact us today.