US media company Nickelodeon launched in 1977, making it the first cable channel for children. From wacky cartoons to hilarious live-action shows, Nick is home to some of the most well-loved kids’ programs of all time, including SpongeBob SquarePants and Avatar: The Last Airbender. So, what do you do when one of the best kids’ brands in the world calls?

Retain Loyal Customers

After reminiscing fond childhood memories, we did what we do best. We offered our usual awesome services and then brought Nickelodeon’s vision to life. The company wanted us to make gift boxes for an upcoming promotion. They didn’t have time to waste, so after choosing from our wide range of wholesale gift boxes, we went to work. Here at PACKQUEEN, we offer so much more than cardboard gift boxes and packaging boxes for your big events. We do custom work, and provide custom tissue paper printing too.

A brand like Nickelodeon doesn’t need an introduction, but even the best of us still need to exert the effort to retain our loyal customers. At any promotional event, giving your guests choice goodies is always an excellent idea. Like Nick, you can make your audience feel special without overwhelming them with promotional items by creating a memorable unboxing experience. Choose the right packaging for your gifts, and you will certainly be able to do that.

Maintain the Quality of Your Goods

Good packaging is key to an awesome customer experience.  When you’re designing your gift box, keep all your goodies in mind. If you want to add value to your items, you may want to go with more classic and elegant styles like white gift boxes. You can choose sturdier options such as cardboard gift boxes if you’re giving away heavy items. To make the unboxing extra special, add packaging materials such as custom tissue paper. Here at PACKQUEEN, we offer tissue paper printing services to help our clients promote their brand and protect their fragile products at the same time.

Whether you use white gift boxes or clear plastic gift packs, your packaging makes a huge difference in your marketing efforts. It reinforces your brand and what it stands for. Even simple cardboard boxes can have a profound effect on your brand. A well-thought-out design, when executed beautifully, helps you solidify your brand in someone’s memory.

Generate Some Buzz

The more you can get people to talk about your event, the more traffic you can drive to your website and sales channels. Quirky and unique packaging boxes will certainly generate some buzz online, especially when your guests snap photos of your goodies and upload them on social media. We aren’t saying you should avoid anything simple. Cardboard boxes with pops of colour and other modern designs can generate as much buzz as your special packages.

For Nickelodeon’s event, we worked hard to create awesome wholesale gift boxes that reflect their brand. You too can make something special for your next event with the help of PACKQUEEN.