Over 45 years ago, Jeanswest launched its first store in Perth in 1972. The brand is now a household name, boasting over 220 stores across Australia and New Zealand. They have managed to remain true to the values they established nearly half a century ago. As you walk into their stores, you’ll be welcomed with a smile and award-winning service. Their ability to commit to this award-winning culture and stay on brand through the years is impressive, but it’s only possible because of their customers. Having established a good relationship with their target market, Jeanswest knows exactly how to delight their customers.

Like the experts that they are, Jeanswest came up with an incredible way to please their target market for one of their campaigns. They approached PACKQUEEN for some help with their packaging.

Making a Strong Impression

We offer the whole gamut of packaging solutions, including affordable https://www.packqueen.com.au/c/gift-boxes/12https://www.packqueen.com.au/c/gift-boxes/12. From plain kraft cardboard boxes and classic white gift boxes to quirky clear plastic gift boxes, you name it—we have it. We also do custom work such as custom tissue paper printing. However, that’s not what they were looking for when they came to us.

Jeanswest wanted clear plastic pillow packs, wrapped in gorgeous custom printed ribbon. Your customers might be looking forward to what’s inside of the gift itself, but sprucing up the packaging is always a good way to add value to the bundle itself, as well as your brand. You can show your customers or your employees your appreciation through promotional packaging boxes. Whether you use cardboard gift boxes or transparent pillow packs, you leverage several ways to make an even stronger impression.

Adding small touches through tissue paper printing or custom printed ribbons lets you improve brand awareness and boost brand recall.

Even if it’s not Christmas, there’s something exciting about opening presents. By sharing branded materials like your logo, slogan or message on packaging boxes, your customers can associate your brand with the positive emotions they felt while unboxing your gift.

Creating custom packaging doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. Like Jeanswest, you can seek the help of a professional packaging company.

Staying on Brand  

Adding small touches to your packaging will make it easier for your customers to remember you. At the same time, it also helps them form happier memories with your brand. If you use plain kraft cardboard gift boxes or white gift boxes, customers might quickly open them and toss them aside. However, your target audience might take their time to admire your marketing materials if you use unique packaging.

Poor quality wrapping will reflect on your brand. With the help of the right partner, you can instantly add more value to your gift boxes or bags.

PACKQUEEN is the place to be if you want to get customised packaging. We have cardboard boxes and several other gift bags for the various needs of our clients. Here at Packqueen, we offer high-quality wholesale gift boxes at a reasonable price.