The Walt Disney Company is a mass media and entertainment conglomerate founded by a passionate and innovative man whose contributions to the cartoon animation industry changed filmmaking forever. Since Walt Disney brought life to Mickey Mouse in 1928, the company has turned into one of the most powerful and popular brands around the world. Magic might have something to do with their success, but we’re certain that they’re doing more than meets the eye to keep their brand on top.

Impress Your Audience

Even a company as big as Disney sees the value in promotional giveaways. We know this because we’ve had the privilege of working with the House of Mouse for one of their special events. From plain cardboard gift boxes and classic white gift boxes to quirky transparent pillow packs, we offer an enormous selection of packaging solutions, so we were confident we could deliver whatever Disney requested.

Like Disney, you can customise gift bags to captivate your audience’s interest. After all, unboxing presents can be quite an exciting experience, even if it’s not Christmas.  One way to associate your brand with your audience’s unboxing experience is by customising your packaging boxes or gift bags. For Disney’s event, they wanted custom laminated gift bags to impress their audience. To stay on brand, they asked for a solid black colour. Aside from bringing up fond childhood memories of everyone’s favourite mouse, the black colour makes the gift box look sophisticated.  

PACKQUEEN can add more special touches to your packaging boxes or gift bags. We do tissue paper printing as well as custom labels. With our help, you can add any branding message to your goodie bags or wholesale gift boxes. As long as you are creative in the way you use custom packaging, even simple will let audiences know that they matter to you.

Retain Customer Loyalty

Over the years, Disney has remained committed to its goal: creating happiness and magical experiences in whatever they do. This has helped them build a global empire that everyone knows and loves. If you want to build a customer base as loyal as Disney’s, shipping promotional gift bundles in plain kraft cardboard boxes won’t do the trick.

Brands often prefer to ship their promotional giveaways in cardboard boxes, thinking it's more budget-friendly. Preparing customised gift boxes for your loyal patrons will be worth all the trouble. This lets you show your audience that you value your relationship. In turn, you can retain their loyalty. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should keep your choices limited to fancy packaging solutions like laminated gift bags. Don’t be afraid to go for simple white gift boxes. Even these can help your brand if you use them wisely.

Here at PACKQUEEN, you can purchase high-quality wholesale gift bags, as well as wholesale gift boxes, for a reasonable price. We offer a bunch of packaging solutions that won’t break the bank, and provide a myriad of custom services that includes tissue paper printing.