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There’s a delicate balance to branding and marketing because no one wants to be bombarded by emails and phone calls. No matter how much your customers love you, you’re bound to lose them if you go a little heavy on the strategy. We understand how branding and marketing is valuable to growing your business so we’re helping you become a branding and marketing ninja using these simple tips:

1. Custom printed supplies


We understand that sometimes, getting custom printed supplies can be a little expensive so if you can’t get customised boxes, you can use customised tissue paper and ribbons instead. You can use these little touches to market your brand further on top of showing you customers that you care for their purchases.

2. Thank-you notes


It’s heartwarming and touching. There are a few things in this world that matter more than being thanked. It doesn’t even have to be a big card. You can use your calling card and write a personal note at the back. It then becomes a means of getting a hold of you should the customer need to as well as a personalised thank you note.

3. Aftercare

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For some businesses, a purchase is the end of a relationship with a consumer. Very few understand how aftercare can be an invaluable tool for generating and increasing brand awareness. A simple call to the customer to ask how their order is going or an email to ask how they’re finding their purchase. Item #2 on this list works well too.

Branding and marketing can take on many forms. Since people now are more vocal about what works for them and what doesn’t, it shouldn’t be so hard to adjust your strategy accordingly. The key is good customer care and if they feel that you value them as consumers, they might rave about your company to friends and family. Remember, there’s no discounting word of mouth as the most affordable and effortless branding and marketing tool of all. 

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