Stay in the lap of luxury, and enjoy feeling pampered, relaxed, and refreshed with a vacation in Sofitel Hotels. Founded in Strasbourg, France in 1964 by Banque Paribas, Sofitel was recognised as the first 5-star hotel in Strasbourg. In the 1970s, the brand became an international chain with locations in the United States, the Philippines, Colombia, and Mexico, among other worldwide locations. From hotels, the company expanded into different properties, such as resorts in various locations in Asia.

Retaining the prestige that it has been known for, Sofitel continues to operate under Accor, along with the group’s other hotel brands.

Sofitel isn’t just about luxury, however. As a member of the Accor group, Sofitel participates in sustainable development by making a proactive move to reduce its food wastage. They also take efforts to utilise local products and even plan to open their own vegetable gardens to further the chain’s sustainability.

Iconic food packaging made easy

Sofitel is known for delivering excellent, world-class food. When they came to us looking for packaging solutions, we provided custom macaron boxes, custom window boxes, and chocolate boxes. Through effective and aesthetically pleasing packaging by PACKQUEEN, Sofitel lets it customers take with them a luxurious dining experience even outside their walls.

Voted as one of the world’s Best Hotel Luxury Brands, Sofitel is a legend and witness to the changing times while also being a paragon of elegance and timelessness. Enjoy the best of French hospitality wherever you are in the world with Sofitel.