Mercedes-Benz is tied to history, beginning when Gottlieb Daimler made the first high-speed engine and when Karl Benz invented the first car back in the 1880s. Now, over a century later and with much innovation under the company’s belt, Mercedes-Benz has evolved to become one of the world’s most iconic automobile brands.

Mercedes-Benz is home to many firsts, from building the first true hybrid automobile in 1906 to being the first automobile manufacturer to include brakes and suspension on all four wheels of their automobiles in 1924, starting with the Mercedes-Benz 170. Today, the company continues their tradition of excellence and innovation by manufacturing top-notch automobiles. They even built the world’s first robot car.

Unique luxury packaging

How do you package a brand so well-known and well-loved all over the world? That was the challenge Mercedes-Benz approached PACKQUEEN with. They wanted to foster a connection with their clients, and we at PACKQUEEN believe that creating a lasting connection begins with simple gestures done right.

That’s why we helped Mercedez-Benz come up with packaging solutions that embody the luxury they’re known for. Personalized gift boxes, postage boxes, and wine boxes done correctly further add value to a brand that is already globally recognized.

Every Mercedes-Benz automobile is the product of the company’s commitment of quality without cutting corners. With over a century of experience and a well-earned reputation, Mercedes-Benz continues to bring innovation in every aspect of their brand, living up to a tradition of ingenuity and passion for new ideas.