Wrapping Paper

Everyone likes to receive gifts and presents. The biggest excitement for children at their birthday parties is that they receive presents from their friends and family. The tradition of giving gifts dates back many centuries when people started exchanging gifts as a token  love and appreciation. Not only are presents given on birthdays, but are also given on graduation ceremonies, and weddings.

To make the gifts look more presentable and appealing, wrapping papers were introduced. Wrapping papers are often made of tissue or glossy paper and are used for packaging the gift. They come in many different sizes, colours and patterns and can be wrapped around the items using different creative techniques. Wrapping Papers not only enhance the appeal of the product, but they also make the outward presentation beautiful.

Wrapping Paper was first found to be used in ancient China where monetary items were wrapped in paper and distributed to government officials. The use of coarse wrapping paper was common which was made of bamboo fibres and straws. Red wrapping papers denote luck in the Chinese culture and are widely used.

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